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Movie Justice LeagueAlliance justice director’s unique version Zack Snyder fans have been waiting for years. The series will finally air on HBO in the next few weeks. Right before the Super Bowl, director Snyder tweeted something about the new and possibly final Justice League trailer.


In the paragraph clip quickly posted by Snyder, that’s the character Cyborg – Victor “Vic” Stone as a real guy, not half man, half machine, scoring the winning goal in a slow-motion rugby game and dubbing thrilling music. In the original film, Vic’s sports career is not mentioned in detail and nothing really stands out.

Actor Ray Fisher who plays Victor Stone once shared that the character Cyborg played an important role in the first version of Justice League, but then, the replacement director Joss Whedon cut many scenes of the film. older brother. Until the film was officially released, Fisher was not satisfied with the film and even commented that Whedon was a director who abused his power on set. The relationship between the black actor and Warner Bros was also not good when he did not cooperate with the studio to present his comments online, the two had different words about what happened. out at the movie set. Fisher also accused the major studio of having racist conversations with him.


Regardless of the controversy, in the end, fans who are looking forward to seeing their favorite hero appear in the movie will not have to wait much longer. Zack Snyder’s standard Justice League movie will officially air on March 18, 2021.

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