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You may not know, in addition to Marvel and DC, there are still these cinematic universes (P.2)

In the beginning, when Marvel Burning with determination to create a cinematic universe based on Comics characters, other film companies are very disdainful. ‘s plan Marvel is to bring each superhero into a separate movie, then form a superhero alliance in the series Avengers like in an epic.

To implement this plan is also quite difficult, it is likely to “eat all, fall to nothing”. Fortunately Marvel Overcame many obstacles to be a great success with its cinematic universe, and since then continuously reaped profits from the box office revenue of this superhero movie series. Only then did other film companies see the benefits of “parallel universes”, so they began racing to exploit their characters to build a cinematic universe. Among them, DC is also one of the companies that quickly create a cinematic universe to catch up Marvel. In a short time, DC Entertainment planned to launch the series and the business results were also extremely “pretty”.


However, not everyone can successfully imitate it DC, many companies create absurd cinematic universes, not only having the classic movie universe but also the cartoon universe. Even toy companies are getting into the fray. Let’s take a look outside the two popular companies Marvel and DC So what other cinematic universes are there in the article below.​

5. Dark Universe

Dark Universe is a long-term and ambitious project of Universal Studios. The studio wanted to create a cinematic universe and give audiences a lot of creepy monsters. When tired of the massive onslaught of superhero teams on the big screen, what the audience really needs right now is probably an alliance of powerful monsters. Universal Studios from the early days has owned many of the most terrifying creatures of American cinema such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Werewolves, Monsters under the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man,… The gathering of them As a team and working together to protect the world, the Dark Universe is no different from a horror version of Avengers, or a supernatural version of Suicide Squad.


Specifically, the villains and monsters will be linked together through the Prodigium corporation of Dr. Henry Jekyll. With the motto “use evil to defeat evil”, Prodigium hunts down and researches supernatural entities that exist secretly in the human world, in order to link them together to confront potential disasters. hidden. Jekyll himself is also a “supernatural entity”, as he has another personality as the bloodthirsty monster Mr. Hyde.

6. The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

After acquiring the rights to the Star Wars franchise, Disney has earned more profits than before. The movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the beginning of the climax of this series. Not only does it bring a new character that is very popular, but it also reminds fans of the previous parts, which is the perfect stepping stone to the release of the following parts.


In the future, Star Wars will regularly release a movie part to the audience each year. Later this year (2017), the 8th installment of the series directed by Rian Johnson will be released. In 2018, there was also the birth of a film considered a “prequel” about the life of the character Han Solo. Not only that, the producer even wanted to make 3 separate movies about this character. Next, in 2019, part 9 of the film will be released on the big screen. It can be seen that Walt Disney Studios is running at full speed to try to create and strengthen a strong cinematic universe for this hit franchise.

7. The ‘X-Men’ Universe

Originally, the X-men had a series of films with the character Logan (Wolverine) which can also be considered a cinematic universe. However, the story of Werewolves has also come to an end, and Deadpool unexpectedly achieved great success, so 20th Century Fox decided to plan a stronger development for this series. .


After the X-Men: Apocalypse (Revelation), in addition to focusing on creating a new generation of X-Men in X-Men: Supernova, the producer is also about to release part 2 of the extremely beloved Deadpool super product. liked before. This is the stepping stone for these new heroes to join the upcoming X-Force alliance. Not only that, in the future there will also be the release of separate movies about the character Gambit and The New Mutants. It can be said that 20th Century Fox’s plan to build a cinematic universe from the X-men brand is quite positive, because in this series there are a large number of characters, exploiting each character to act as an employee. It’s not too difficult either.

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