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A few things about the experience of the gamer boy who is about to get married

When it comes to gamers, people often think of guys with a bad relationship, long-term FA, shy girls, bad boys, abc xyz, etc., in general, there are many disadvantages that make them inaccessible. Women should have to bury themselves in the game to forget about life.


However, that is only true for a small part of gamers, because in fact, many boys who are passionate about games still have their own beautiful and understanding half for their passion, even girlfriends play games. better than my boyfriend. The story of young people getting to know each other through online games and then having a relationship with husband and wife has become extremely popular in today’s society. In general, the desire to have a “bear” of gamers is often more intense than that of ordinary people. But have any of those brothers foreseen the future when they have a lover, and then get married?


Come to the confessions of a genuine gamer (and soon to be married) nicknamed “phimcuamoe” To better understand what color future is waiting for you guys

Hi “phimcuamoe”, thank you very much for accepting Emergenceingame.Com’s interview on this “sensitive” topic.

I hear you say it’s normal, but why do you feel so tense? Okay, so I can share with everyone the life of 1 Gamer is about to get married how is it?


When I heard the first part, it seemed like I liked it but also… scared, right?


This is understandable, but it’s also good to quit drinking!


In this case, it’s really the end of the world for gamers. Seeing my friends buy games to play but I have to sit or not, it’s really sad that I can’t let it all go.

So that’s good. OK, thanks to Phimcuamoe for a few things to say to gamers, do you have any words to say before ending today’s conversation?

Thanks Phimcuamoe for these very simple and honest confessions. I wish you happiness and happiness always. Later, if I do an interview with a gamer after getting married, Emergenceingame.Com will find you first!

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