X2 – Eclipse – Crazy hack-and-slash ARPG combining Chinese Anime

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X2 – Eclipse to be role-playing game New mobile action developed by SIVA. The game has a graphic style based on Japanese anime (characters are also dubbed in Japanese). The characters in the game are divided into 8 factions, each representing a god from different cultures. Players can choose up to 3 characters to form a team, 2 characters will be controlled by AI.


X2 – Eclipse may not be fun for lazy gamers, as the auto-battle system only unlocks after the player leans across the table. The autoplay feature does not apply to story mode, as the completed map cannot be replayed, but is quite useful for the 9-story tower climbing mode. The similarity between X2 – Eclipse and most mobile role-playing games today is the system gachagacha banners, costumes and other items.


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