X Raid story mode is coming to an end

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Remedy announced Q1 business results for fiscal year 2021 along with some initial details on ongoing projects, after the issuer completes work with Control.

First, the first AAA-quality game released and sponsored by Epic Games is about to go into production. This project is said to be Alan Wake 2. Story mode of Raid X also nearing the end of development and is expected to release this year.


Next is information about Vanguard, Remedy’s large f2p co-op project. The Vanguard team has “identified many of the core elements” and development is going smoothly. Vanguard is currently in internal testing and will move into external testing soon. As for Control, Remedy said many of the game’s developers have moved on to work on other projects.

As for when to release new games, Remedy said the majority of the company’s revenue will likely come from royalties. Crossfire Xis expected to launch in the second half of 2021.


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