Worms new version is about to hit the virtual world

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Worms is a turn-based strategy game with pink worm Lovely uses everything from grenades, dynamite, guns to empty hands to try to be the last survivor. Worms has been out since 1995 and this game is about to have a new part.

That was announced by the developer on Twitter: “It’s coming! Get ready for a version of Worms you’ve never seen!” same trailer. Although the trailer doesn’t have many details about the upcoming game, the studio has hinted: “Many things are becoming a reality in 2020.”


The trailer gives a brief introduction to the 2D game history of Worms and Worms 2and also refers to the appearance of Worms 3 and Worms 4. The footage is interrupted when a worm falls from the sky and smashes the TV with a baseball bat, followed by an explosion that introduces the number “2020.”

The trailer is quite vague, so viewers can’t determine the content of the new Worms – be it Worms 5, the remaster or something else. Many people guessed that this could be a new 3D game. The good news for fans is that they won’t have to wait too long because Team 17 promises to release more information in the near future

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