Top villains that make people angry the most in Naruto

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1. Hidan

When he saw the village of Hot Water severely weakened from a ninja village to a resort resort, Hidan was extremely angry. He believed that the ninjas living in this place needed to be eliminated, so he slaughtered everyone around before fleeing the village and joining a Sect called Jashin, a religion that worships the god. supreme god of the same name. The basic dogma of this religion must be thoroughly slaughtered, anything that is not completely destroyed is a sin. After undergoing experiments on the forbidden jutsu of Jashin, Hidan gained immortality. He later joined Akatsuki. When he met Kakuzu, he assumed that he was the pioneer in the quest for immortality, and was eventually grouped with Kakuzu.

2. Ginkaku and Kinkaku

Kinkaku and Ginkaku are considered two of the most powerful ninjas in the history of Cloud Village, forming the Kin-Gin duo of the Land of Thunder. According to Ao’s comment, his chakra and Ginkaku’s are extremely terrible and are similar to the Nine-Tails’ enormous chakra source. The two fought against the Nine-Tails and was devoured by it in 14 days. The duo then escaped and possessed powerful chakra from the Nine-Tails after eating the flesh in its stomach. With 4 divine weapons, Kinkaku and Ginkaku completely overwhelmed Darui and his teammates. However, the secret of the four divine weapons is revealed and his brother is sucked into his own gourd. Kinkaku went on a rampage, transforming into a miniature Nine-Tails form and suppressing the alliance. However, Kinkaku eventually succumbs to Darui, the Shika-Chou-Ino trio with the help of Pure Peace from the Raikage.

3. Mizuki

It can be said that Mizuki is the earliest villain to appear in the courtyard Naruto. In the first episode, he took advantage when Naruto had difficulty in the Ninja School graduation exam, tricked him into stealing the forbidden arts book of Senju Hashirama (Shodai Hokage), then wanted to kill Naruto to take the forbidden technique for his own. Because of greed, wanting to know the forbidden arts in the book, he did not use tricks to achieve his goal.


4. Gatou

Gatou is the boss of a shipping company, also a member of the “gangster”. He hires three powerful forces from gangsters, ninjas and martial artists to stop the Land of Waves from building a bridge because that bridge will affect his shipping business. Gatou completely ignored the fact that the Land of Waves was so poor that he needed this bridge. He is a cunning, cunning and bully of the weak. In his eyes, money is always the most important, because money loses humanity.


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