Wintermoor Tactics Club Brings Warm Immersive Experience to Xbox One

Tactical RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club launched on Xbox One, with a story inspired by the Visual Novel genre, set in high school in the 1980s and incorporating a contemporary setting, promising a warm and full gaming experience. interesting.

Wintermoor Tactics Club has been released on Xbox One and for launch day, the game is being 20% ​​off. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity and hurry to Wintermoor Tactics Club to discover Wintermoor Academy full of mysteries and secrets.

wintermoor tactics club

Discover the mysteries for yourself in the game Wintermoor Tactics Club on Xbox One

A warm world like home

The plot of Wintermoor Tactics Club revolves around a young girl named Alicia. As one of the very few black girls at Wintermoor Academy and a nerd child, Alicia often felt isolated at her school. The most peaceful place for her is the Tactics Club. There, she felt comfortable playing the role-playing game “Curses & Catacombs” and chatting with supportive friends who shared her interests.

wintermoor tactics club

Alicia’s safe place is threatened when the school organizes a snowball fight where all the clubs must compete and will be disbanded if they lose. Alicia and her friends find a way to bring the games they care about into the real world, imagining snowball fights as C&C adventures.

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The game’s melodies put the player at ease and the graphics evoke storybooks and the soundtrack blends an indie movie vibe with a late 90s RPG experience. All elements of the game are designed to be fun. makes players feel like they are curled up in a peaceful place with a good cup of cocoa and a good book.

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Strategy game for everyone

Wintermoor Tactics Club Brings Players to Play the Role of a Len xbox One 2

While developers love strategy games and are used to their level of challenge and complexity, they didn’t want to make a game just for the experienced. That’s it, Wintermoor Tactics Club has been developed with everyone in mind.

First, randomness has been removed from the game. All the information you need to make decisions is always on display: what actions the enemy will take, how much damage they will do,… No need to memorize strengths and weaknesses , perform complex calculations or remember huge statistics. The game places all its cards on the table so you can plan your best tactical moves.

Second, the gameplay and story are intertwined. Those who have experience playing strategy games can get rewards for conquering extremely challenging levels, but those who play to learn the story can earn valuable bonuses by talking to the heroes. other characters on the school campus and complete side quests.

Finally, players can choose the level of challenge they want. You can increase or decrease the HP of players and opponents through the menu. Players who like to fight can challenge the in-game score system to get the top rank in each fight, and players who don’t care much about winning or losing can use the “no defeat” battle mode. to get non-negative results.

A story about integration

Wintermoor Tactics Club Brings Players to the Top

The developer said that when thinking about the theme of the game, they wanted to solve the problem of how the Internet can separate people into thinking groups and distinguish “us and them”. So, naturally, the game was set in the early 1980s.

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Integrating is not easy. It’s scary trying to welcome strangers into our comfort zone. Wintermoor talks about that struggle. In many conflicts, the bravest thing you can do is connect with others: try to understand how they’re feeling and help them know where you’re coming from. That’s why the main character’s strongest trait in the game is empathy. Although Alicia is shy and naughty, she has reached out to the defeated members of other clubs. She tries to connect by sharing her interests, writing them Curses & Catacombs adventures to help them solve personal problems.

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