Where to skydive in Apex Legends?

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As a survival game, everything must be searched, not equipped. That’s why skydiving in Apex Legends is a question that many Apex Legends players are interested in to have a direction to play as well as to set tactics in the team.

In each game, there are tips to conquer or be more convenient when playing, and so is when playing Apex Legends. For a survival game, the choice of skydiving in Apex Legends is quite important because it not only determines the direction of the team’s movement, but it affects the character’s equipment such as weapons, ammo, armor or medical equipment, to play Apex Legends To be effective, to win high rankings, we need to know the map from now on.

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Where to skydive in Apex Legends?

Where to skydive in Apex Legends?

As you know, like many other games, Apex Legends must also have a parachute jump and this is the time when we choose the flight path to choose our skydiving area.

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Before you know where to skydive in Apex Legends, you must press CODE to open the map and observe the areas on the Map as well as where your spaceship flies.

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Areas for blue circle is the place to gather a huge and good amount of items, of course, this amount is not fixed and changes with each screen. However, it is also the place where 3-4 teams gather to win.

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As for the icon small circle rather than where there are many high-end items in the game, maybe not many but there you are sure to get Epic or even Legendary armor as well as weapons. similarly it is also a gathering place for many fighting teams.

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Also you will see there is a spaceship icon flying small on the map, it’s a spaceship that holds common items, you can parachute directly on it or move there to get things. The move value is also displayed on the map so it is easy to grasp.

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After all, when you have chosen a skydive position in Apex Legends, proceed or suggest it to his captain by Ping.

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Quickly find the big house, where there are a lot of good equipment and weapons that we can use to survive in the game.

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And like I said don’t forget to climb the lifeboat when it has arrived, there are always 4 ropes shooting out in all directions for you to climb.

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In addition, there are some areas where there are no signs, but when you come, the words appear High Tier Lootthat’s where a lot of high-end items like Epic, Legendary are stored.

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Some areas where we don’t need to wonder where to skydive in Apex Legends like Hyro DAM on the right hand side of the map, this is a fairly large area so it’s also quite safe to loot.

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Or the water plant area Water Treatment located in the lower corner of the map, where many high-class items are stored.

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Or the desert Skull Townalthough there are many houses, but the allocation here is completely enough for your whole Team.

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Lake Slum In the right corner of the map is also a suitable location to pick up a large amount of items for the whole team, moreover the terrain of this area is very suitable for escaping.

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Another option is Artillery with large buildings containing a lot of weapons and equipment in Apex Legends. The area is on the corner so it’s not always crowded with people jumping off.

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WetLands is a familiar name, this area is not big and has many items, but it is convenient for moving as well as looting the surrounding area conveniently.

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Choosing where to skydive in Apex Legends greatly affects the victory in the team because equipped with all strong items will help you win quickly.

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Above are our suggestions for the question of where to skydive in Apex Legends, hopefully with the above basic knowledge it will help readers of Taimienphi.vn, Apex Legends players more easily access the game. .

In addition, for Apex Legends newbies, you can learn the character classes in Apex Legends, up to 8 character class in Apex Legends different for you to choose and join a battle and create extremely different combos.

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