Top 10 tips in Apex Legends

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For survival games, surviving in the end is always the goal that anyone is aiming for. However, to be in the top 10 in Apex Legends or to be one of the last 10 survivors is not an easy task.

Apex Legends is not like other survival games where there is nowhere to go to get into the top 10. With the pace of the game being pushed up very quickly, your healing time is not even there, let alone hiding somewhere. With Top 10 tips in Apex Legends will be the player’s own experience after spending hundreds of hours playing in Apex Legends.

meow lot top 10 in apex legends

Top 10 tips in Apex Legends

1. Choose a reasonable class according to Team

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One of the most important things when playing Apex Legends that players often overlook is to only play a single hero or play according to their preferences without choosing the most appropriate supporting squad. You must know the position of heroes in Apex Legends like Lifeline as support, healing and Pathfinder is an extremely effective “scout” in the game.

2. Learn how to view the map in Apex Legends

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Learning how to see the map, see the path of the spaceship to choose a jumping position for the whole team or suggest a place for the captain is very important. It not only affects the team’s inventory, but it also helps the team to limit unnecessary collisions in the game.

3. Select pick up area

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It is better to choose locations with many houses where you can easily gather items as well as convenient for escaping in case you do not have enough firepower to fight the enemy as well as encounter a high enemy. player in Apex Legends.

4. Always follow Team

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Do not forget to always stay close to your teammates to support and receive timely support, especially when we or our teammates are defeated by someone. Then we still have the opportunity to get up thanks to our teammates or be summoned again later.

5. Use healing items at the right time

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Using health and armor at the right time is also very important because sometimes it will harm yourself when the enemy is rushing to attack or your teammates are in dire need of support to finish the enemy.

6. Check the circle regularly

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Always pay attention to the map in the game because anyway Apex Legends is still in the survival genre, so it is natural to narrow the circle. Therefore, watching the direction of movement of the circle to coordinate with the team to choose the most reasonable time and way to go.

7. Use skills to support

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Using your own skills to support teammates is the point that Apex Legends players need to note, there are up to 8 character classes with each character with a lot of different skills to support attack or escape in the game. Apex Legends.

8. Pick up a lot of health, armor

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Picking up a lot of health and armor is the point that helps you survive the gunfights in Apex Legends. Ammo you only need to carry about 200 bullets and then you can pick up more after each fight, and the blood must always be a lot to support the recovery after the gunfight.

9. Tactical coordination with Team

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One thing that makes players excited about Apex Legends is that you can’t “carry” the team when solo 1vs 1 is already difficult, so the tactical element in the team is highly appreciated in Apex Legends.

Just follow the steps above, the possibility of reaching the top 10 in Apex Legends or even winning that level is very likely. Of course, in addition to compliance, the players themselves and their teams must also have a certain harmony as well as certain personal skills.

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Above is the entire experience to help players quickly reach the top 10 in Apex Legends or even higher. One of the ways to help players play Apex Legends more effectively is to know the shortcuts in Apex Legends, mastering Apex Legends shortcuts will help manipulate controls faster.
In addition, learning more about the character classes in Apex Legends is also a way to help you know how to choose characters in the game screen, refer to the detailed skills of the players. Apex Legends character class to know more about the character classes in the game.

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