Game server hack suspect faces 5 years in prison

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The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a 25-year-old man at the San Francisco airport on Wednesday night on charges of “illegal access to a protected computer for personal gain”.

Specifically, Martin Marsich – 25 years old, with Serbian and Italian citizenship, appeared in court yesterday when arrested by the FBI. Martin’s alleged crime is to infiltrate EA’s servers to steal items and distribute them to different accounts to sell on the black market.

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FBI Special Agent Justin Griggs said that Martin initially used NBA Live 15’s secret connection to access EA’s server and then linked to it. FIFA 18. With this connection, he distributed 17,000 FIFA 18 game keys to 17,000 different accounts and then went on to 8000 accounts of which owned virtual currency packages. The total loss of this illegal distribution alone amounted to 324,000 USD, or about 7.5 billion VND. If convicted, Martin Marsich will have to pay a fine of $250,000 and face up to five years in prison.


After the case of Martin Marsich, this is the 2nd Server EA hack done in the past years. In 2016, Anthony Clark and accomplices were accused of Hacking into Server EA to mine Bitcoin and sell it to contacts in Europe and China. After being arrested and released pending trial, Anthony Clark’s body was suddenly found at his home not long after. The cause of death has not been verified to this day. The total damage of this Hack Server is estimated to be up to 16 million USD.​

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