What’s the theme of the next Hearthstone expansion?

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In less than 10 days, we will know the name and some details about the next Hearthstone expansion – the final one in the Year of the Raven.

This year’s BlizzCon won’t be too big of a difference, but we’ll be missing an important character – that’s Ben Brode. One of the Hearthstone leads left the company earlier this year to start his own studio with other former Hearthstone members. Ben Brode isn’t just someone who often shares new expansions, he’s also the most vocal in BlizzCon (in terms of magnitude).

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Here’s what we can expect this year:

  • Announcing the expansion during the opening ceremony
  • More details, as well as cards, will appear in the “What’s Next” section.
  • Details of any single player content will be added with the set
  • Demo play in new single player content at BlizzCon.

Here are a few things that could happen this year:

  • Art area for artists to describe how they created the new card packs for this expansion.
  • An area that talks about the past and future of solo adventures in Hearthstone (also, may focus on single player content).

What we already know about the New Expansion

Not too much! But we got its theme image when the Year of the Raven was introduced in February.

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  • Expansion 1 is an image of Witchwood’s trees (most players think it’s Duskwood)
  • Expansion 2 is The Netherstorm. But no, it’s just Dr.Boom’s lab.

Expansion 3 could be anything. We have a tribal icon, which means it can have a Troll (or Orc) theme and look like water in the middle, maybe a little bit of ice in the bottom left corner. The redstones that cover the “jewel” in the center don’t really have much of a connection, unlike expansion 2’s Ethereal Gateway and expansion 1’s roots. The Pandaria theme is also possible based on very natural images.

According to hearthpwn

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