What’s special about the Free Fire Infinity Card in January 2021?

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The January 2021 Free Fire Infinity Pass Badge aka Season 32 Elite Pass has come to Garena Free Fire. What does Garena bring to the Free Fire community?

Garena Free Fire has established itself as one of the most prestigious names in the mobile Battle Royale genre. The game offers exciting gameplay, as well as a rich collection of items for players to enjoy. Some of them are exclusive rewards available only in the Elite Pass or the Infinity Pass.

What's new in the first month of January 2021?

Free Fire infinity card reward January 2021

Garena introduces a new card every month, while also refreshing its prize pool. Now that the Free Fire Next Elite Pass January 2021 is here, so what’s so special about it?

I – What is the Free Fire Infinity Card?

Before diving into the details of the January 2021 Free Fire Infinity Card, we will review some information about the Infinity Card.

Basically, the Free Fire Infinity Pass is the Battle Pass version of Free Fire. It’s a level-based system that rewards players for reaching a certain level, also known as Badge. Players upgrade their Badges by completing quests to unlock new items. Rewards can include character packs, emotes, weapon skins, and items. Each Elite Pass only lasts for 1 month, which means Garena will replace them every month.

the free fire January 2021 will be recognized

Free Fire Infinity Card Price

The Infinity Card is not free. All players have access to the regular card, which offers lower tier rewards. To unlock the Infinity Pass, the player must spend diamonds to buy it or subscribe to the Free Fire Seasonal Passes. Another option is to book in advance for additional rewards. There are 2 prices of Infinity Cards in Free Fire:

– Elite Pass: Only cards – 499 diamonds.
– Elite Bundle: Includes Cards + exclusive packs and some other items + 50 badges or pre-orders Infinity Card – 999 diamonds.

II – Free Fire Infinity Card Reward January 2021

To celebrate the new year 2021, Garena also introduces a brand new Infinity Pass for January 2021. It is the Elite Pass Season 32, which takes the theme of Specter Squad. The main color tone of the Pass is purple gradation with a hint of pink. Here are the notable rewards of the Free Fire Elite Pass in January 2021.

the list of players in the free fire first month of 2021

1. Specter Heart Grenade Skin

Only players who have pre-ordered the Infinity card will receive this exclusive grenade skin.

2. Specter Squad vehicle – 0 badge

But the phantom in the free fire first month of 2021

3. Ghost Basher – 10 badges

the free fire January 2021 will be recognized

The Season 32 Infinity Pass includes a Ghost Basher Bat stick skin. It has a simple design with no effects.

4. Specter Raider Pack (female) – 50 badges

the list of players in the free fire first month of 2021

Players can unlock the female Specter Raider bundle with a level 50 badge or get it immediately for 999 diamonds, or pre-order the season 32 Infinity card. It includes a jacket with a purple aura and graphics. subtle details, as well as a striking gradient green hairstyle.

5. Thompson gun skin – Specter Squad – 80 badges

the free fire in the first month of January 2021

Each Elite Pass comes with an exclusive weapon skin. In Season 32, it’s Thompson. Players can get the Thompson – Specter Squad gun skin with 80 badges.

6. Specter Squad Skateboard – 100 badges

What's wrong with the 1st man's ladder in 2021 free fire

7. Specter Mischief Grenades – 125 badges

How do you go about your life in free fire ladder 1?

8. Ghost Gamer Lootbox – 150 badges

the list of characters in the garena free fire

9. Evolution Stone – 180 badges

the free fire has a special function

10. Ghost Trapper Backpack Skin – 200 badges

As usual, the Elite Pass Season 32 also introduces a new evolutionary backpack skin. Reach Badge level 200 to unlock this backpack.

* Level 1 backpack:

the list of characters in the garena free fire

* Level 2 backpack:

the free fire January 2021 will be recognized

11. Specter Basher Pack (Male) – 225 badges

I know that you are in the free fire

There are probably quite a few reasons to buy the Elite Pass this season. The Men’s Specter Basher pack includes a blue flame on top, along with a cool design pattern on the jacket. It also emits a purple aura. The player can unlock this pack at level 225 Badge.

12. Exclusive Infinity Card Chest – 250 badges

the free fire January 2021 will be recognized

After reaching the level 250 badge in the season 32 Infinity card, players will unlock the ultimate reward – an exclusive chest. It includes the magic cube (Magic Cube) along with other legendary items.

III – Infinity Pass season 33 in Free Fire February 2021

While the season 32 Infinity Pass has only just begun, we already have a glimpse of what could be coming in February 2021. It looks like the Elite Pass Season 33 will take on a bit of a Chinese flavor. Country.

That’s everything you need to know about the January 2021 Free Fire Infinity Pass. Fans of anything spooky shouldn’t miss this gripping Specter Squad Pass. While there’s no word yet on the exact name of the next season’s Elite Pass, aka Season 33, it looks very promising. With all the traditional style items, it would be hard to miss.

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