What’s so special about the new PUBG Mobile Karakin map?

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In the last 3-year anniversary update PUBG Mobile has released the much awaited new Karakin map. Tencent Games announced the arrival of the Karakin map on April 7, 2021. Let’s join Taimienphi to find out what’s special about the new PUBG Mobile Karakin map.

Map of Karakin PUBG Mobile new at launch will replace the game’s 4th map, Vikendi. When participating in the battlefield in Karakin, players not only explore new areas, but also encounter kits, items and special features that only appear in the Karakin PUBG Mobile map.

You have something special about the karakin pubg mobile phone

Everything you need to know about the new Karakin map in PUBG Mobile

Karakin PUBG Mobile – Miramar miniature map

Karakin is the smallest of the 4 maps of PUBG Mobile Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik. The map covers an area of ​​about 2×2 km, roughly half the size of Sanhok. It can only accommodate up to 64 players. This makes your skydiving position important.

Ban by Karakin PUBG Mobile

At first, Karakin looks like a miniature Miramar map. Locations like tunnels, thin walls, sticky bombs and black zones or destruction zones make this mini map quite interesting. Karakin has 5 small cities, 1 Cargo Ship and small buildings spread across the map. Weapons will be found available in the Miramar and Vikendi maps in Karakin, including G36C, SCAR-L, Win-94, Panzerfrost etc … sadly, the DP-28 is not available at the Karakin PUBG map. Mobile.

Special features of karakin pubg mobile map

– Bashara: This is one of the best Karakin landing spots. The area has many large rocks. Get ready for a real battle as soon as you get down here. It’s definitely a never-ending HOT location.
– Al Hayik: Located on the south coast of the map, this is the smallest location, the few houses.
– Hadiqa Nemo: This port is on the east side of the map. This area is filled with shipping containers instead of buildings. It’s an average risk-free place for a player who likes to be safe.
– Bahr Sahir: Located in the northwestern part of Karakin, the area is quite large with medium to high risk for players.
– Al Habar: Located in the top right corner of the map, the area is full of tall buildings, which could lead to some tense encounters, a rather risky place.
– Cargo Ship: On the southwest coast of the Karakin PUBG Mobile map, players will see a large ship that transports containers and many other containers on the mainland. Since it is one of the farthest points on the map, the player will be safe in this location.
– Tunnels: The tunnel is located in the mountains all over the map. However, if you have a stick bomb, pay attention to use it because they can destroy, causing you to be trapped inside.

Special features at the map Karakin PUBG Mobile

– Sticky bomb: A very new and interesting feature that the Karakin PUBG Mobile map offers is the stick bomb. It is a weapon that can be thrown, sticking to thin walls of buildings or other surfaces, they can help you infiltrate and destroy Campers. Sticky bombs are scattered throughout the map and found inside buildings and containers. The destruction is strong enough to take down the opponent. Be careful with usage because you can even take down your teammates in skirmishes.

bom dinh map karakin pubg mobile moi

– Thin Wall: Another special feature of this new Karakin PUBG Mobile map is Thin Wall (thin wall). Some of the walls are extremely weak on this map, allowing bullets to penetrate them as if you were shooting at paper. Hence, it was easy to kill camping people.

– Black zone: An interesting point of the new Karakin PUBG Mobile map is that the Black zone will change position according to each match. The Black zone destroys buildings that never coincide with the Red Zone. Campers won’t have a chance to survive with this feature. As soon as you hear the whistle, you should move around unless you want to eat bombs.

Your details are made by karakin pubg mobile

Buildings were completely destroyed after the Black zone passed

That’s everything you need to know about the new PUBG Mobile Karakin maps, new locations and features. Let us know what you think in the comments below. For more news, visit Taimienphi’s PUBG Tricks here regularly.

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