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What’s new in the Rules Of Survival update on June 13

Add Paint Spray system in the game

Hello players.

Rules of Survival continues to release an update to players with new features to help players have a better experience, and this time, the update of Rules of Survival will be released on 13/6 with new features such as spray paint system, the soldier hire filter feature … More details you can follow below.

Details of the Rules Of Survival update on June 13

ROS Update

1. New content

  • Add system Spray: You can purchase painting at the Shop and choose up to 3 pictures at Fashion – Warehouse – Paint Spray to bring into battle. Spray paint is placed and the location of the Throwing Material (Grenades, Chicken Bombs, Gas Bombs …), select the corresponding image to spray on all surfaces.
  • Theme The youth Allows displaying skin lines Bugatti VGT, theme Fearless Fiord and Firework Night Allows the display of the skin line Fire Drake.
  • Change Warrior Hall, add warrior hire filter feature.
  • Monthly Offers will update after maintenance on June 19-20 (depending on regional time difference), take the last chance to receive Crimson Viper.

2. Experience new content

  • The Schedule system displays up to 100 matches.
  • The first angle allows to move the Small Eye perspective.
  • Optimized vehicle sound.
  • Optimized anti-hack feature.

3. Interface

  • Add button “Other” in the lobby, on the Other interface will include the mode “Arena”, “Commander” and “Elective”.
  • Download button FPS DLC and map Fearless Fiord moved to the interface “Other”.
  • Adjust the function selection interface in the lobby, see all the features except the full feature “More” interface, you can select the feature first, select the next map.
  • Add descriptions and rules of features, click the icon “?” on the right corner to see.

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All the above new experiences will be updated by Rules Of Survival for gamers from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on June 13, in addition to the version of Rules Of Survival on PC, you can experience more new features in the version. on mobile.

Updated: June 11, 2018

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