What’s new in the ROS 16/1 update?

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Game Rules of Survival continues to have an update on January 16, this version updates with content focusing on product optimization, fixing many game bugs to help the game operate better, you can also have Add new outfits.

Immediately experience the new version of Rules of Survival, launching gamers with many attractive features.

Note: Update time from 5am to 8am on January 16, 2019

What are you doing at ros 16?

Download Rules of Survival – the new version updated on January 16 has a lot of interesting content

– Download games on Android devices. ROS Mobile for Android
– Download games on iOS devices. ROS Mobile for iPhone

1. New Content

– Added new gun: Healing gun is used to temporarily restore HP to allies or opponents when falling. During this time can shoot, move, use items normally.
– Added tire damage feature, after the update, the tires of all 4 wheels in the match can be damaged, after the tire failure can still continue to run but the vehicle speed increases, the sensitivity when changing direction will decrease with the number of damaged tires, the more damaged tires the more the index will decrease significantly. This feature does not open during Death Race.
– In 2019, set yourself a goal: In the coming New Year, set yourself a goal, use a certain amount of money in the bonus store to participate in activities, the warriors who complete the final goal will be reward sharing. You can choose 1 friend to complete the task with.
– Reopen the Beginner Training Camp: After the update, the reward for the Beginner Training Camp mission will increase comprehensively. In addition to increasing the reward for the character, every time you complete each step, you will receive an additional reward. The final bonus has 2 more limited skins: Zhou Vio and White Tiger. In addition, all old players can become new players within 14 days, complete the Beginner Training Camp mission and receive rewards.
– Added feature to hide costumes. During the match, added Hide Outfits with Opponents in a Pocket. After clicking select, only you and your teammates can see your outfit, the opponent can’t.
– Updated GP mode: Updated the God of War Party to include premium supplies and rare guns.

2. Optimize the experience

– Adjusted weapons: Slightly reduced the damage of the M249 gun, slightly increased the damage of the QBZ gun, increased the number of QBZ guns in the map.
– Adjusted Crossbow: Increases the rate of fire of the Crossbow, reduces the deflection, but when equipping the Grenade Arrow, the firing effect does not change.
– Changing the image quality in Settings will sync the change in shadow and resolution settings. After changing the image quality, warriors can still set the resolution and shadow separately.
– Add a resolution adjustment item in the Settings interface, including Ultra Low, Low, Standard, Clear, Ultra Clear.
– Android added an anti-aliased toggle setting in the Settings interface.
– Optimized opening the door of the PC version, when the character has his back to the door, there will be no button to open the door.
– New version optimization, increased brightness for night, increased less fog at dawn and dusk.
– Increase the distance to create a new grass image, during the move will minimize the change of the grass image.
– Optimized the standing up movement after climbing on the high platform.
– Adjusted the purchase limit structure in the nomination gun interface: all skins are limited to 1 purchase forever.
– Optimized Recycle icon

What are you doing at ros 16?

Download Rules of Survival – NetEase’s attractive survival game on mobile and pc

– Download games on android devices: Rules of Survival for Android
– Download games on iOS devices Rules of Survival for iPhone

3. Error correction

– Fixed incorrect judgment when hitting a vehicle going uphill
– Fixed image disappearing in Fearless Fiord map.
– Fixed the issue where the character would fall to the ground after jumping while the vehicle was flipped over.
– Fixed an issue where the image was sometimes tilted after getting off the vehicle.
– Fix the display error of Mr. Unusual Meowgi on PC
– Fix first-person display error on PC version.
– Fixed the 5th warrior’s abnormal posture when partying in the Future lobby.
– Fixed a bug where the Mystic Shop could be clicked from the right of the Future lobby.
– Fixed a bug where the sound of gunfire appeared when throwing objects.
– Fixed an issue where 3rd person could be changed in FPS Ranked mode.
– Fixed splash on some iOS devices.

4. Remove skin

– Lapu Lapu and Kachawan are 2 recently updated themes. Although these 2 skins are designed with the intention of promoting SEA culture, the Kawachan skin may affect the religion of some warriors. So this skin will be permanently removed in the 16/1 update to respect religion and belief. Those who have bought it are still in stock but only for viewing, not using.

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