Instructions for pre-registration for PUBG Lite

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PUBG Lite is a shortened version of PUBG, renamed from PUBG Project Thai. You can pre-register to get a seat in the upcoming beta of the game, here are detailed instructions on how to get your test account the easiest.

As we know, PUBG now has a release version on PC (other releases like PS4, Xbox One, Mobile). A project to release this game specifically for the Thai market, which has been planned for a long time by PUBG Corp, is called PUBG Project Thai. However, after a while, this project suddenly changed its name to PUBG Lite appeared recently. In fact, this new version is another step in the direction of building and releasing a lighter version of PUBG for the average device configuration.

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How to register for a PUBG Lite experience account for the first test

Instructions for pre-registration of PUBG Lite for the beta version

Step 1 : You access the official website of PUBG Lite HerebPlease click on the account registration section in the yellow box on the left.

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Step 2 : A form table appears, you fill in the information according to the form.

+ Email name (1)
+ Confirm email (2)
+ Password (3)
+ Confirm password (4)

Then, check the box to agree to the publisher’s terms.

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Note that you should fill in correctly, especially the email account so that the game administrator can send notifications or necessary information if you are selected as a test participant or have any notes, for example.

Step 3 : Complete the information and click Create my account if the words Thanks for registering appear, it means that the player has successfully registered. Your job is to wait for the test opening date of PUBG Lite and pray that luck will smile on you.

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Because this first test phase of the game will limit the number of players participating, based on the number of people who have registered with the account, the administrator will choose from the list of registered users.

According to our prediction, they will probably prioritize Thai gamers based on part of the name of the email. So, a little tip might tell you to create (if you don’t have one) an email with a Thai name (Latin characters of course) for a better chance of being selected. This is just a guess on our part. You can consider.

Besides the PUBG Lite version, the original PUBG game produced by Bluehole still dominates in the number of players along with other super products like League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite… So the service PUBG farming is taking place quite loudly nowadays, Another view is that it is bad behavior and a problem Should I use the PUBG plowing service? or not cause many opposing opinions.

PUBG game has a variety of different guns with realistic simulation designs in war and everyday life, in which many gamers love the sniper line, You can see the sniper gun in PUBG the strongest to choose for yourself the right gun.

In addition, you can also experience the PUBG Mobile version with all the same tasks and functions as the PC version. PUBG Mobile here.

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