What’s new in PUBG 4.1 update?

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PUBG updated version 4.1, players will see a huge change in Erangel map design, new content, interface, Survivor Pass update with many quests and rewards, making your experience a better one. should be more abundant.

This is the first PUBG update of Season 4 on PC, hence it will be called PUBG 4.1 update. PUBG season 4 revealed a stunning new visual update for the Erangel map, now with refreshed buildings, upgraded graphics, and several other changes included in the update.

What are you doing at pubg 4?

Starting Season 4 PUBG

Changes in PUBG 4.1 update

1. Erangel Map Reworked

Since its launch, millions of players have entered Erangel to participate in Battle Royale survival gun battles. The majority of players think that improving the PUBG icon is a very necessary job, so in this PUBG 4.1 update, NPH has also changed the design and terrain of the Erangel map.

What are you doing at pubg 4?

What are you doing at pubg 4?

– Grooves, explosion marks, camo nets and abandoned tanks have been added to different areas of the map.
– Added barrier along the coast in some locations.
– Grass density and color saturation have been adjusted
– Overall brightness has been adjusted.

What are you doing at pubg 4?

2. Survivor Pass 4

Along with the new season is a brand new Survivor Pass, Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath reveals Erangel’s past and present through skins, items on the vast island. There are more than 100 rewards for players to unlock by completing a series of missions, leveling up the pass. Aftermath adds a cooperative quest system where players can work together to complete mission objectives and earn rewards. The mission change system has also been improved, allowing players to use BP to change missions more than before.

What are you doing at pubg 4?

3. Season 4 Title System

– Rank season 4 starts from the official PUBG 4.1 update to the servers.
– Reset all ranks at the start of the new season
– Rank up faster with 3 maps: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi according to playing time

What are you doing at pubg 4?

4. Weapons and Vehicles Balance

For PUBG season 4, NPH has rebalanced many of the game’s weapons and vehicles. Update 4.1 includes adjustments not only to existing weapons and items, but also their first balance across vehicles. As always, publishers will listen to your feedback on balancing.

5. Fix bugs

– Fixed an issue where a map boundary collision could prevent the parachute from opening.
– Fixed an issue where smoke grenades could float on water in specific situations.
– Fixed an issue where the teammates UI would not display correctly during matches.
– Fixed an issue where players could start with BRDM-2 early in the match.
– Fixed an issue that could cause players to accidentally take damage when leaving a vehicle in the water.
– Fixed an issue where players behind walls could be damaged by vehicles in certain situations.
– Fixed an issue with hearing sounds from other players when observing and switching between teammates.

Thus, you and Taimienphi have just reviewed the remarkable content included in the 4.1 PUBG update, the beginning of Season 4. With the change in terms of map Erangelinterface and update Survivor Pass 4 on promises to bring many interesting experiences for you.

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