What is V Badge in Free Fire? How to get V Badge Free Fire

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V Badge Free Fire is a V-shaped icon that appears at the top right of the avatar, next to some players’ names and profiles. So what is V Badge Free Fire and how to get this badge icon? Find out with Emergenceingames.com in this article!

In fact, the V Badge or V badge is a rare and unique item in Free Fire because the player cannot purchase this item in any way. In addition, gamers who own V Badge are all special players and it is not easy to own this badge.

v badge in free fire is what you need to know v badge free fire

Learn about V Badge in Free Fire and how to get it

1. What is V Badge in Free Fire?

The reason that all gamers want to own V Badge in Free Fire is because this is an item provided by the game publisher Garena to professional players who have played Free Fire.

In addition, V Badge owners can also be content creators, YouTuber Free Fire belongs to the official list of Garena partners through the Partner Program.

Creators who want to apply for the V badge must meet specific requirements set forth by Garena. When all conditions are met, players can register to participate in the Partner Program to receive V Badge Free Fire and many other valuable gifts.

v badge in free fire is what

According to information from Garena, players must meet the following requirements to be able to register to become an official Free Fire partner:

– YouTube channel is doing well with more than 100,000 subscribers.
– 80% of the content on the channel within 30 days must be Free Fire related.
– The channel has at least 300,000 views in 30 days.
– Ensure the quality of content and communication activities.
– Clean, engaging and non-offensive content.
– Show professional spirit and willingness to work hard.
– Have a strong passion for games and aim for success in the game industry.

In addition to V Badge, gamers also receive a lot of favor from Garena to help create more interesting content and better reach audiences. Besides, V Badge also helps the individual who owns this item gain respect in the Free Fire community as an official partner of Garena.

badge v badge free fire

Here are the benefits that players receive when becoming an official partner in Free Fire:

– Free Fire bonuses like optional room creation cards and diamonds.
– Financial support (For channels with 500,000 subscribers and 95% content about Free Fire).
– Pre-access to the official test server and content.
– The opportunity to appear in the media of Free Fire.
– Have the opportunity to connect with the development team of Free Fire.
– Get invited to esports tournaments and events.
– Exclusive Free Fire items and codes to give to channel viewers.

2. How to get V Badge in Free Fire

To be able to receive V Badge in Free Fire, players can register for Free Fire’s Partner Program by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit Garena’s Official Partner Program Website HERE.

free fire badge v badge

Step 2: On the web interface, click the . button Apply Now.
Step 3: After clicking on register, players will receive a form where they have to fill in information such as name, phone number, email address, YouTube channel link, …
Step 4: Once done, click Submit.

If the criteria of the Partner Program are met, players will receive official feedback from Garena, V Badge items and the above gifts and benefits.

So Emergenceingames.com has introduced to gamers what is V Badge in Free Fire and how to get V Badge Free Fire is extremely simple. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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