What is DDoS PUBG Mobile? How to prevent?

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Remember earlier last month, a denial of service (DDoS) attack was directed against the server PUBG Mobile causing the gaming community to “hang over” and the system to hang for a period of time. So what is DDoS PUBG Mobile? How to prevent?

Since its launch in 2017, PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of PUBG, the most notorious Battle Royale game on the market, has made a big splash, being among the top games with the highest downloads and revenue in 2020. .

What is the difference?

How to prevent DDoS in PUBG Mobile

Therefore, the fact that PUBG Mobile becomes “prey” of the attacker is also understandable. The latest is the PUBG Mobile DDoS attack that occurred earlier this October.

1. What is a denial of service attack, what is DDoS?

DDoS, or its full name is Distributed Denial of Service, has been one of the most common forms of cyberattacks for many years. Accordingly, an attacker can “crash” the system by generating heavy traffic from many different sources, causing the system to be overloaded.

how is it like?

Once the PUBG Mobile DDoS attack occurs, the player cannot log in, even disconnected from the server, and is thrown out of the game while the game is in progress.

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2. What is PUBG Mobile DDoS attack? How to prevent?

The PUBG Mobile DDoS attack occurred in early October, causing PUBG Mobile servers to hang for hours. According to some gamers, during the login process, their device displays a “Server Authentication Error” error message. However, the issue was immediately fixed by the Free Fire maintenance team.

What is mobile pubg?

In its official announcement, PUBG Mobile developer said that the company will categorize the problem as well as research on solutions to prevent similar problems that may occur in the future.

In addition, the company is also planning to release a new anti-cheat system update, better protect game servers and prevent bad guys from cracking the system.

3. Will the game account be lost if DDoS PUBG Mobile happens?

Losing game account is a common concern of many gamers, especially when the DDoS PUBG Mobile attack occurs.

In essence, these DDoS attacks only target and cause damage to the server owner. Once the system crashes or fails, it will greatly affect their performance.

As for players, they can be completely assured, network attacks like DDoS PUBG Mobile do not affect the game information and accounts.

By now, you must have grasped the term DDoS PUBG Mobile is what? How to prevent?

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