How to download and install WTFast for your computer

WTFast 650 - Emergenceingame

WTFast is the software to support and accelerate the game that many gamers use when the Internet signal is not really good. This tool optimizes the connection between the game server server and the player’s device, and ensures that the number of uninterrupted breaks is minimized.

The broken cable, fluttering network or weak Internet signal not only affect normal work and web surfing, but for gamers, this is also a “nightmare” that no one wants to meet, especially. especially during critical moments.

Download WTFast to speed up your gaming connection

However with the help of WTFast (also known as Gamers Private Network – GPNEverything will become much simpler and more convenient, because this tool sends signals from the player’s computer to the game’s server over many different Internet lines (especially the ones that have few users).

You guys access THIS LINK to download the WTFast installer. You can click the link or the corresponding Download item.


Then navigate to the location you’ll use to save the file, name it (if needed) Save again.

Save file

Install WTFast for your computer

Step 1: You find and access the folder containing the downloaded WTFast installation file above, and double-click on it to begin the installation.

Installation file
Double-click the setup file to begin

Step 2: The first window appears, select Tremor.


Step 3: Tick the item I accept the agreement then choose next.

Tick ​​tick

Step 4: This is the step that we will use to change the WTFast software installation directory on the computer. You guys click on Browse… then find and select the location to use, OK.

If not necessary, maybe next right in this window to install the software in the suggested location.

Choose the location to install WTFast software on your computer

Step 5: Name the folder where the settings will be saved, then next continued.


Step 6: Some options in this step that you can choose from by ticking the items:

  • Additional shortcuts – Create a desktop shortcut: Create a quick access icon on the computer screen.
  • Launch WTFast: Launch the software as soon as the last installation window closes.

Setup is complete click next to continue.

Click Next

Step 7: Choose Install to start the installation.



With many computers not yet Microsoft Visual C ++During the WTFast installation process, you will be asked to install this additional software. Choose Yes In the message asking you as below to agree.

Install add-ins

Wait for the computer to finish installing Microsoft Visual C ++, the WTFast installation will automatically continue.

Install Microsoft Visual C ++

Step 8: Click finish to close the installation window and start using WTFast on your computer.


To be able to use WTFast, users need to register for an account on the homepage of this tool. How to create a WTFast account and how to use this tool during the game, will gradually introduce you to the following articles.

Wish you all success!

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