What are the benefits of the Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile gun?

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Upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update brings gamers a Desert Eagle pistol, they have been added on console versions and now coming to PUBG Mobile, one of the recognized pistols is the strongest.

Desert Eagle, also known as Deagle, is a pistol with the strongest damage among the pistols in the game PUBG Mobile, appearing on all maps and dealing damage up to 62 points per shot, can be equipped with laser lights, many other accessories.


Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile

– Link to download version 0.15.0: PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

What are the benefits of the Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile gun?

1. General introduction to the Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile pistol
As we know, the Desert Eagle appeared all over the map when the PUBG Mobile game was updated to version 0.15.0. The Desert Eagle can be retrofitted with a Laser that increases its power and abilities above-average accuracy, recoil, mana, and velocity, which can take down Spetsnaz Helmet wearers (Level 3) in 2 shots.

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2. Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile gun specifications
Desert Eagle can be equipped with a lot of accessories to optimize damage and accuracy rate to the highest level. Fast reload time, high magazine capacity, this will definitely be the most powerful pistol in the PUBG Mobile game. Specifications are listed by Taimienphi below, you can refer to.

– Damage: 62 points
– Bullet speed: 450m/s
– Loading time: 0.25s
– Type of ammo used: 45 ACP
– Standard size of magazine: 7 tablets (expandable up to 10 tablets)
Long range operation: Standard distance 100m

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3. How to use it effectively?
In Taimienphi’s opinion, you should use the Desert Eagle pistol when fighting directly with an opponent at a moderate distance (under 100m) or in a tight space, for example, can use Deagle as a secondary weapon when The shotgun is the main weapon. Basically Desert Eagle only has a higher recoil than other pistols, but its power is undisputed, very strong. Maybe after PUBG Mobile version 0.15.0 is released, the number of gamers looking for it will not be small.

PUBG Mobile version 0.15.0 is expected to land on servers in the next few days, update with climbing ability and a BRDM 2 tank that can wade through water. You can refer to the content PUBG Mobile update details 0.15.0 on our Taimienphi website. We will constantly update all information about the game, stay tuned for more details.

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