Welcome Rocket Arena Season 1 with many exciting events

Games Rocket Arena : Season 1 is approaching. Hurry up to open the arena with the super cat genius Flux, earn new prizes, play ranked and experience rocket launch because the first event starts on August 12th!

Along with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, players can Play Rocket Arena for free from July 30 to August 2. Here are the points worth noting about the game.

rocket arena season 1 has a lot of money

Welcome Rocket Arena Season 1 with many exciting events

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Flux enters the fray

Flux is the youngest student at Propulsion Prep and a science genius who loves cats. Flux is taking time off from school to join the Tour and test her experiments. Flux uses a handy laser pen to guide her fearsome Rockats across the arena, menacing her opponents.

Rocket Arena season 1 game no deity, I

Flux can also create a giant Black Hole cat that moves slowly across the map and as it grows it will eat any rocket in its path. When the Black Hole cat is well fed, Flux can help her team accomplish their goals and eliminate opponents.

Flux wants to control her experiments remotely. However, if an opponent gets too close, she can move to another dimension to escape and no one can see in the arena. She might be a little odd, but she got a real shot when she won the Tour!

Explosion in Heaven

The next stop will take the heroes to the tropical paradise Blastbeard calls home: Crater’s Edge. Be prepared to loot and create explosions from August 12 to August 25.

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Rocket Arena season 1 game no deity 2

And be sure to take your undersea feet to two new tropical maps: Grand Harbor and Lagoon of Doom. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to surf. Just master the art of Rocket Jumping on water, you won’t want to get wet. And remember to leave a place in your suitcase for gifts as you’ll be able to choose from many new outfits in the tropics. Plus, all of the Blast in Paradise outfits are fun too. You’ll have plenty of memorabilia to take home from your trip to paradise. Plus, check out the event’s 6 playlists, including Treasure Hunt, Beach Ball and Double!

Upgrade your collection with Blast Pass

There are lots of cool freebies you can earn while playing the game but if you want to upgrade your collection try to win Blast Pass Season 1. You need to complete all Season Challenges to open lock 117 rewards, including 33 costumes! Plus, you can earn up to 1500 Rocket Fuel to use on outfits, VFX trails, Totem Parts, or even all of the next season’s Blast Passes.

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The XP Boost bonus will help your progress rapidly throughout the season, but if you want to go even faster, team up with some friends to take advantage of Party XP Boosts. There’s a real treasure here, so don’t miss it.

Dominate the Arena while playing Ranked

Win Ranked matches and you’ll collect badges. The more you win, the higher your rank.

rocket arena season 1 game no deity high 4

All in all, there’s a lot of fun for you in Rocket Arena: Season 1. With the above revelations, you’re probably ready to dive into the ranking wars and try out all the exciting new modes to come. during the Blast in Paradise event. Hopefully you will create explosions that amaze everyone. Wish you happy gaming!

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