Full Details Event Oasis Fresh in PUBG Mobile

Developers PUBG Mobile Coming soon unique feature in season 14, they are launching a series of exciting events allowing players to claim even more exclusive free rewards. Most gamers are not aware of the existence of Event Oasis Fresh, below are the details.

All gamers PUBG Mobile Everyone asks themselves that Syrup, Bitters, Sour Juice and Chilly Sauce What are they, how are they used and available in stock? These are the ingredients you’ll need to make a cold drink in Oasis Fresh event Latest PUBG Mobile.

details of day du event oasis fresh in pubg mobile

Event of making drinks, cold drinks in PUBG Mobile

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Event Oasis Fresh in PUBG Mobile

Oasis Fresh is a new PUBG Mobile event where players collect resources or ingredients, namely Syrup, Bitters, Sour Juice, Chilly Sauce and Ice in classic matches. The player must then access the event page through the Event in-game section and combine these ingredients to create a cold drink. After enjoying this drink players can also get exclusive rewards.

details of day du event oasis fresh in pubg mobile 2

Chances of getting materials depend on your different PUBG Mobile game modes, there are many chances to get Syrup after completing the ranked matches. The same, similar, Bitters are rewarded after completing matches in the map Livik. Sour Juice Bonuses for fighting with friends and Chilly Sauce received when there is an increase in rank (rank). Ice taken in Cheer Park.

There are more than 34 types of cold drinks for players to combine, you must try all the different recipes to create a delicious drink. In addition, you must also shake them gently or quickly. Each cold drink has a different name. An exclusive gift is rewarded after crafting a cold drink.

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Exclusive Rewards Event Oasis Fresh PUBG Mobile

Corresponding to each milestone, players after making (combining) drinks will receive exclusive rewards. Here is a list of Oasis Fresh event rewards going on in PUBG Mobile..
– 10 cold drinks: Offer Coupons.
– 15 cold drinks: Rose sunglasses (7 days).
– 20 cold drinks: 5 Vintage ark coupons.
– 25 cold drinks: 300 Coins in-game.
– 30 cold drinks: Pilot jacket (10 days).
– 35 cold drinks: Skin SKS Tsunami (7 days).

Also season 14 offers a lot of other exclusive free rewards besides Event Oasis Fresh, Royale Pass PUBG Mobile season 14 rewards list are all listed here by Taimienphi, please refer to if you are a temple player who does not load cards but wants to have delicious food, dating.

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