Watching horror movies for 90 minutes helps you lose weight equivalent to 30 minutes of walking

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Scientists at the University of Westminster have studied and shown that viewing a set of horror film for 90 minutes continuously helps you burn 113 calories equivalent to the effect of walking for 30 minutes.


To come to this conclusion, the scientists invited 10 people to participate in the experiment. While watching the same horror movie, they monitored their heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to calculate the energy burned while watching the movie. The results showed that, compared to sitting in front of a black screen, watching a horror movie causes each person to burn an average of 3 times more calories.

The reason is because when watching horror movies with slim startles and scary scenes, the viewer’s heart rate increases. An increased heart rate will cause blood to be pumped through the body faster and the kidneys will secrete more adrenaline – a substance that accelerates the basal metabolism, reduces appetite and the result is that you will lose weight. You can burn calories even while sitting still.


Here are the top 10 horror movies that burn the most calories. If you are still struggling to find a way weight loss So why not save it right away and try it.

  1. The Shining – The Haunted House (1980) -184 calories​​

  2. Jaws – Shark Jaws – 161 calories​

  3. The Exorcist – Demon – 158 calories

  4. Alien – Alien (1979) – 152 calories​

  5. Saw – Saw Blade (2004) – 133 calories​

  6. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Murder from Hell – 118 calories​

  7. Paranormal Activity – Mysterious Curse – 111 calories​

  8. The Blair Witch Project – The Witch Project – 105 calories​​

  9. Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 107 calories​

  10. Rec – Bloody angle – 101 calories.​

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