Blockbuster MMORPG Thien Du Mobile sets a beta opening date

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After the success of Thien Du Online, NetEase continue to bring players Thien Du Mobile (Revelation) – mobile version of the popular original game. Since being announced in the NetEase game press conference, Thien Du Mobile has always been in the top titles mobile games Most anticipated by Chinese gamers.

Yesterday evening (November 30), after many closed tests, NetEase officially announced Thien Du Mobile will open beta on January 8 next year on both iOS and Android platforms. This is also a mobile game MMORPG The only one from a major developer to be launched in the near future in the Chinese market.

Developed based on the Unity engine, Thien Du Mobile will bring players into a fantasy 3D world, where players will play the role of different characters to fight and conquer copies. Currently, Thien Du Mobile has four classes with their own characteristics and strengths for gamers to choose from: Ngoc Hu, Holy Temple, Linh Lung and Quang Nhan. Players will also experience many different gameplay such as PvP, PvE…​


During the closed test period, Thien Du Mobile continuously received positive reviews from the gaming community, promising to be a serious competitor to Tencent’s blockbuster Thien Nha Minh Nguyet Dao Mobile. The details of the game will continue to be announced by NetEase in the near future.

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