4 cool theories about Avengers 4

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Avengers Infinity War has officially ended and what happened at the end of the movie has revealed to them and questions about the future of Avengers appearing more than ever. It is also an opportunity for the extremely sophisticated and sharp minds of fans to come in, where extremely cool theories predict the future of the fan. Avengers 4.. Let’s take a look at those theories right below.

Warning: This article reveals the plot of Avengers Infinity War, please consider before continuing.

It’s all a plan of Doctor Strange

Throughout the length of Infinity War, Doctor Strange repeatedly reminded that if the situation was in danger, he would trade the lives of the whole family. Iron Man and Spider-Man to protect the Time Stone. However, in the end, this doctor and sorcerer decided to give the Time Stone in exchange for Iron Man’s life in his hands. Thanos. Many people think that it seems that the master of magic out of compassion has given up great meaning to save the lives of his friends.. but it seems that the real answer has a completely opposite meaning.


Remember that Doctor Strange with the power of the Time Stone was able to see 14 million different futures, all of which ended with Thanos winning… the only future was for the Avengers to escape. great defeat. And for that future to happen, Thanos must obliterate half of the universe, including Doctor Strange, while Tony Stark must live to gather the remaining superheroes in the final counterattack.

Captain Marvel – Trump card

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, appeared in the Credits of Infinity War and was immediately rumored by fans about the role of savior for the Avengers army. As one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, Carol can absolutely do this.. In fact, in the comic version, Captain Marvel possesses countless different powers including physical strength and speed. climax.


However, what makes Captain Marvel What makes her special is absorbing energy from a cosmic phenomenon known as a “white hole”, which allows her to possess the true power of a star and a limited form of power to see the future. That’s why it puts Captain Marvel in the cosmic power level compared to Thanos.. Black Panther once hypothesized that when Captain Marvel was affected by the “power-giving” machine Psychi-Magnitron, she received a part of it. ability from the warrior Mar-Vell (A character born because of the copyright war between Marvel and DC).

This seems to have sent Carol traveling through the void connecting different dimensions and given her the power to see through everything. So when Captain Marvel goes to war, Thanos will no longer have the upper hand like before.

The dead are imprisoned in the Soul Stone

For those who do not know, inside the Soul Stone exists another dimension called Soul World and in Infinity War fans think that Thanos has never used the true power of this Infinity Stone. This leads them to believe that the characters who died at the hands of Thanos, instead of being completely wiped out, were simply imprisoned in this world. If that’s the case, then Avengers 4 will bring a new storyline where the “New Avengers” will have to journey into Soul World to rescue their friends.


Turn time

Marvel and the ability to turn time is no longer a strange topic for fans. In fact, in addition to the Time Stone, there is still another element that affects the flow of time, the Quantum Realm – which was revealed in Ant-Man and then continued to appear in Doctor Strange. In the comic book version, Quantum Realm is a reality where space and time are completely meaningless. Where and when someone has absolutely no impact on everything, that’s why Avengers Is it possible to completely use its power next to the Time Stone to turn the game around?

All of the above ideas are hypothetical but it gives us interesting insights into Avengers 4 in particular and Marvel’s cinematic universe in general. To be able to confirm those theories, they will probably have to wait until May next year..


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