Vo Lam Tran Bao opens the download, assigns Alpha Test to come 11/05

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Load Vo Lam Tran Bao at: https://volamtranbao.onelink.me/Jg0v/PR

Thus, just a few days after revealing the first information, the latest swordplay MMORPG of Gamota Name Vo Lam Tran Bao has officially opened pre-download for both Android and iOS users, and announced the launch time of the trial version. Alpha Test on November 5, as well as “released” the official landing page for the AT phase at: https://vltb.gamota.com/alphatest.


Also on this landing page, Gamers not only have the opportunity to own a gift set of up to VND 300 million (for the earliest 500 registered accounts), a code of VND 2 million when registering for AT experience or information about the TOP Alpha Test Race event to receive. Rare treasures, … but also can grasp the core information about the sect, the unique features of the game.


Entering the world of Vo Lam Tran Bao, players will experience many different emotions through chaotic battles in search of 4 treasures containing mysterious power, dominating the central highlands that many subjects love. The dark faction wants to take over. All are drawn on a 3D graphics platform rendered on a completely new technology, allowing arbitrary change of viewing angle, realistic and incredibly sharp.


The deeper into the world of Vo Lam Tran Bao, the new players really understand the essence of the game through a unique gameplay system, with a combination of traditional activities such as Tong Kim Dai Chien, Arena. Life and death choose Minh Lord Vo Lam, Hunting Boss Hoang Kim, Cong Thanh Chien, Controversial Territory, Competition Guild, Freelance Crafting,…


With the information that has been revealed, Vo Lam Tran Bao is receiving great attention from gamers, promising to be the most anticipated blockbuster in the coming days. The game brings new colors, when it brings elements of swordplay combined with infinite game features, challenging gamers to experience – both new and unique, making many gamers curious.

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