VLTKm – Losing Acc tens of millions because of lending to friends, brothers and sisters still lose money

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For a long time, many stories of cheating each other in the world of online games happened with many variations. The main reason is still the gullibility of the players, giving the bad guys the opportunity to take advantage. One of them must be the status of lending a common “plowing” acc, or exchanging accounts with each other. However, the person being borrowed / known is not always a player with a culture that has caused “suffering owners” dozens of troubles and troubles.

Specifically as recently, in the player community Martial Arts Mobile was upset about a scam story, where the scammer and the victim were both close brothers. Also because they trust each other too much, the owner of the acc has assigned the acc to his brother to “plow” together. But it is true that “because of money pouring sour soup, brothers and sisters still lose money”. Because of 5 million dong, this guy sold his brother’s enthusiastic acc, while its owner had loaded tens of millions of dollars here to get to the top 4 servers.​


After the incident happened, the owner of the acc asked another friend who is an acquaintance of the two to stand out on behalf of the two. Contacted the youth who stole the acc, the guy constantly made excuses and begged again and again, promising to compensate for the damage. But every time he went to an appointment, the young man disappeared.

Not to mention the fraudulent behavior, just because of 5 million dong, it is not worth it at all to exchange honor, trust, brotherhood, and friends. This brazen action makes many people frustrated and bored instead of the behavior of a large number of gamers, just waiting to take advantage and want to turn other people’s property into their own.​


This incident is certainly not strange in any gaming community, but it is still a lesson, a memorable warning for each player, should be careful before any exchange, transaction. translation, or any relationship in this virtual world to avoid leading to unpredictable consequences.

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