10 names that can gradually die from Superman

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In comic history, Superman is the first character to possess ultimate strength and bring near-perfect power over every aspect of himself. From absolute physical strength, the ability to fly freely, to project superheat rays, to see through objects, to hear sounds at a distance, to breathing that creates ice and snow.. Superman has almost become an image. DC’s immortality. However, throughout the length of his action, Man of Steel was still defeated many times.. And these are the 10 names that gave Superman prostration at his feet.

Captain Atom

Nathaniel Adam is an American military officer with outstanding achievements in combat. However, not long after living in glory, he fell into the enemy’s trap, causing him to receive the death sentence for a crime he did not commit. Facing death, Adam was granted a contract by the government. That is, he must agree to participate in an atomic bomb test to be exempt from death. Nodding in agreement, Adam was put into an alien ship that crashed on Earth while the government detonated an atomic bomb nearby to test the hull’s resistance. Although he survived the test, the hull of the ship was melted and covered Adam’s body.


After this event, Adam was thrown into the future by the power of the explosion, giving him the ability to absorb and release any form of radioactive material. Blackmailed by the government, Adam is forced to become a superhero under their control named Captain Atom. It is from here that Captain Atom sees himself clashing countless times with Superman and even holds the power to defeat the Man of Steel. Basically Captain Atom’s body can release all forms of radiation.. whether it’s “Red Sun” or Krytonite.. Both forms can control and restrain Superman, many times for Captain. Atom has the advantage before the match with the strongest person on Earth.

The Atom

Bearing the same name, The Atom and Captain Atom are two completely different superheroes. However, they soon find common ground in their ability to defeat Superman. In fact, this happened on Earth-3 when Atom (or real name Atomica) stabbed a small piece of Krytonite inside Superman’s body. With the ability to shrink to the size of a molecule, Atom can do this without Superman knowing. Immediately Superman gradually weakened and became a sick person over time.. Just a little longer and he would surely die without knowing why. Even without using Krytonite, Atom can still use its power to penetrate the Man of Steel’s brain and cause damage that can never be repaired.



Shazam’s history is closely tied to Superman’s and so he was chosen as the most likely name in defeating the Man of Steel. Originally, Shazam was good with the original name Captain Marvel, created by another comic book company, Fawcett. At his peak, Captain Marvel sell better than Superman image but because of DC Comics sued because this superhero copied Man of Steel, so Fawcett had to stop publishing. After the lawsuit, DC Comics gradually acquired the business mark of the characters in Captain Marvel and raised hopes of reviving this image in the DC world. However, Marvel then soon “lifted the hand” of DC by buying the brand name “Captain Marvel”, causing DC to change its series to Shazam. However, the origin and story that created the image of Shazam remained the same as in the early days, giving him the super power of the five immortal forces in human history: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury . With five sources of power in hand, Captain Marvel can reach the highest realms of intelligence, physical strength, speed and countless other powers. of a teenage boy who can face Superman directly and cause Man of Steel to be defeated many times.. It is because of that image that he becomes one of the strongest people in the DC world and one of first choice of many Batman if Superman turns his back on justice.​


Wonder Woman

For many people Wonder Woman and Superman are two images that are difficult to confront.. simply because of their noble goal of serving the cause. Although in the comic series Injustice: Gods Among Us (serving as the setting for the game version), Wonder Woman and the dictator Superman are forced to confront each other under the scheming arrangement of Batman – then the leader of the resistance. Thinking that Man of Steel had the upper hand when constantly cornering Wonder Woman in the corner of the ring, suddenly the female superhero stood up and used very cruel moves against the opponent. She stabbed Superman with two thumbs in the eye before using her elbow to break the arm of the man considered the strongest on Earth. This match indeed brought the most bloody and cruel scenes, making the image of Wonder Woman defeating Superman forever in the minds of fans. This also proves that in a fight with only personal technique and melee ability without using super strength, Wonder Woman is unmatched (Continued).


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