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Virtual youth buys flowers in the game to give girls and then “booms” the village

When there is a lover, whether in the game or in real life, our boys always try to be gallant men, loving their girlfriend to the fullest with different expressions, caring, caring. squirrels or luxury gifts. That issue will not be worth arguing, but sometimes with an over-expression called “girl doctor” it causes many “bad crying and laughing” consequences.

As recently, in the Tru Tien 3D group, a male gamer had to urgently post the fact that another player bought his flowers to buff his wife. The amount amounted to nearly tens of millions of dollars. However, after the buff finished eating the top 1, I forgot about the task of paying for flowers.​


The character that was “smeared” is a male gamer with a facebook account VMD currently playing Tru Tien 3D in cluster 4. According to the victim who has been burned out, the incident has been going on for half a month now, which is worth it. say that our character does not beg for debt or give a certain repayment date, but every 5 times 7 notices that the money has been sent, and then lazily makes excuses after that, blaming to the bank to extend the payment period. However, until now, the florist has not received a single coin from the guy VMD.​

“5 times 7 times saying the sentences that are as strong as nails, in the end, still do not answer. Also vip 13, vip and nothing else. If I’m not mistaken, it’s good that as long as his wife likes it, he will let his wife to the top. Go to the top, but it’s a bit dirty.” The owner of the post is eager to share.

The subject who was “disclosed” immediately then commented on the post, not justifying it, nor with an attitude of admitting fault, but dropping a short question: “For example, if you received the money, will you post an apology? me?” making the other members even more upset.

“After asking for an apology, from April 30 to May 14 for nearly 2 weeks without paying someone, even if I pay now, I have to open my mouth and admit it was wrong, not apologise. Well, I’ll tell you straight up that you don’t have any money to pay.”

The above action is no different from the crime of fraud and is causing great anger from many members of the Tru Tien 3D player community in general. It’s good to pamper your girlfriend, but don’t go for the sake of a virtual doctor to scam other people’s sweat.

At the same time, this is also an expensive and memorable lesson for any gamer, so be careful before any relationship, transaction, exchange in the game to avoid encountering unfortunate cases.
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