The rap song “Game and Em” by gamer VLTKm speaks for the hearts of many gamers

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Game and Girlfriend – can be a pretty lame comparison, because one side is a game, the other side is a person. It seems that these two completely different things will have nothing to do with each other, but in many cases it causes our gamers a headache with choices: Game or Girlfriend? Because for gamers, both are LOVE.

If any guy is in a situation of “dilemma” like this, perhaps after listening to the rap below, he will be overjoyed when his hard-to-express feelings have been spoken for so long.​

The owner of this rap is a fairly familiar gamer in Martial Arts Community Mobile known for his amazing rap songs about the game – Ngoc Hung, also known by the nickname “Phi”. Not only is it a simple rap song, but it is also a daily story in the game, the brothers around are cleverly transformed into funny and interesting rap songs by this guy. And this time it is a topic that is not new, but it is a never-ending sour story – Game and girlfriend.


“I started because of love, you asked to end it for a very confusing reason. You also never ask me between you and the game, which side do you have the most affection for. Never compare the two, one side is love and the other is passion. You never make it difficult for me, give up either I really can’t. Ohm, I can’t forget, I can’t give up, don’t make me choose you and the game. You are still you, the person I always love. And the game is still a game, an unstoppable passion. I once said that I would balance the two, but you still insist that I did it wrong. But baby, listen to me, this love hasn’t come yet, how dare I think we’ll be together forever. Well, a game is just a game, you don’t expect it because it’s so separate. Baby, look into my eyes. Baby, look deep into the cuts that haven’t healed yet. Baby, come closer to feel in my heart one more time, let that passion be by your side


Surely after listening to these confidants, no girl can “callously” crush the passion of the person she loves, right guys? Always cherish the girl next to you and if possible, share your love of games with her, so that she understands that games are passion, and she is still the number one love in your eyes!

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