Using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10?

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Should I use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10? This is a question that many users ask right after updating their device to the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. Please refer to the content below for more details.

After the official release, users after install Windows 10 was surprised that instead of focusing on Internet Explorer and developing this browser to higher versions, Microsoft built a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

Despite winning the hearts of users and proving its worth, many people still wonder “Should I use it?” Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10?”

microsoft edge or google chrome?

Use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10


Recently, the world famous technology sites have published a speed comparison between these two browsers. According to the Mashable site, the speed victory is in favor of Google Chrome when the two browsers do not install any extensions. However, in our opinion, speed is no longer the core test to compare browsers. Because manufacturers have optimized their browsers to the best of their ability to keep up with their competitors. Therefore, you will only see very small errors when comparing speeds. Besides, just install any installed utility, the speed of the browser has decreased significantly.

Use Windows 10 on a computer with a touch screen

Instead of focusing on speed, let’s look at user experiences using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Accordingly, Microsoft Edge is a more optimized browser for touch screens. When you use it for the first time, you will notice that the Edge is light, the buttons are large and easy to control. In addition, it also has built-in centralized reading function, helping users to remove all ads and redundant functions on the page. Those are things that Google Chrome does not have, even though it is the most popular browser in the world today.

Moreover, Windows 10 is a product of Microsoft, so Edge will easily be compatible and work flexibly with this operating system.

Use Windows 10 on a traditional computer

When using Windows 10 on a traditional computer, sometimes large keys or lightness are not your choice. You want a browser that is functional, stable, and easily meets all your needs when surfing the web, from reading newspapers, adding extensions, playing flash games to watching 4K videos… Now Chrome will definitely is the name that comes to mind first.

One of the other notable browsers you can also use on Windows 10 is the Firefox browser, if you want Set Firefox as default browser in Windows 10 then you should not worry about Microsoft information that makes it difficult for other browsers to set up as the default browser in windows.

So to answer the question “Use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10?” We recommend a lightweight browser with large touch screen keys, and a powerful browser that easily installs extensions when used on a traditional desktop. In addition, also advises users to find a way ghost windows 10 instead of installing Windows 10 in many different ways, which takes a lot of time for other tasks.

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