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Another parent’s rush of ganking children at the net shop makes gamers jump in surprise

Being caught by a parent while in the process of “fighting” in the net shop is probably the biggest horror for any gamer. And the fact has shown that there are many “bad jokes” around this tragic situation. Many parents who couldn’t keep their composure gave their children a warning right at the match in front of so many people, thereby sometimes causing unwanted damage.

As recently, a clip shared on some forums is receiving the attention of a large number of members as well as netizens. The situation was very awkward when a young man was drunkenly playing at the net shop when suddenly his father rushed in and quickly unleashed a blow with hair grabs and ear slaps.

Before the sudden and aggressive gank of the father, the son had to immediately get up from his seat and just hold his head and face and entrench without resistance. However, it seemed that his anger could not be immediately quenched, so the father continued to deliver warning blows before grabbing his son’s neck by the hair and leaving.

In cases like these, it is understandable that the parent’s anger is difficult to control when he sees his child playing around in the net shop. But to a certain extent, using such excessive violence to teach or deter is also not advisable and not the solution to solve the problem completely. Sometimes it even leaves unwanted consequences.


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Going out to play games in a net shop is really not a bad thing, on the other hand it is an effective way of entertainment and stress relief, but of course anything too much is not good when gamers themselves are too engrossed. sink in it. Especially school-age gamers, students should know how to balance study and play time as well as rest and work in a reasonable way, not letting the game affect life and surrounding relationships. With that, no parent will be able to prevent you from pursuing your passion.​

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