“Upgrade Vip FREE”: Mechanism to help farmers compete “fairly” with giants in Chaos Three Kingdoms

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It’s rare for a “ploughman” to be pampered like this

If you still follow the stages such as upgrading generals, selecting squads, arranging troops … then it seems, the gameplay of Chaos of the Three Kingdoms will not be much different from competitors of the same type. However, just a few days after Open Beta, the game has proven a special attraction, making its own mark when it comes to the mechanism of “on duty to level up Vip”.

Chaos World Three Kingdoms – GMO Top 1 chart is causing fever these days

This is one of the top discussion topics of players in the past few days, just by working hard to complete all assigned tasks, farmers can also step up to VIP level, enjoy many “dream” benefits. . Although it is not the first product in history to have such a high level of pampering “plowers”, it is believed that, right now, before the Lunar New Year holiday, to find another competitor with capable features. It is very difficult to compete with Chaos The Three Kingdoms.

On duty, go straight to VIP level – The bright spot of the new tactical masterpiece

A game that “giants” must also be wary of “ploughmen”

With the advanced mechanism “on duty to VIP level”, from now on, giants should also be careful with hard-working farmers. Because, in Chaos The Three Kingdoms, talent and intelligence are the most important factors to rank the top race, successfully break the tower and win the throne. Who says farmers can’t do miracles? That era is long gone, today a vegetarian farmer can also “usurp the throne” of the giants easily, if they have all three factors: ability, intelligence and hard work. This is a big step forward, allowing the “vegetarian” professional to have a fair playing field, freely show their talent in using troops in life-and-death battles.

From now on, farmers do not need to fear being inferior, on the contrary, they also compete with the giants in a fair way…

The community of “hard fans” of the Three Kingdoms is gradually converging on the Three Kingdoms Chaos

It is not difficult to realize, right from the Alpha Test phase, Chaos Three Kingdoms has attracted a large number of “hard fans” of the Three Kingdoms strategy genre. They came from many other playgrounds, because they were curious about this rare style of “on duty to level up Vip”, but gradually flocked to this place with a large extent beyond imagination.

The Legion system enhances brotherly interaction in great battles

It is quite interesting that the more large Legions are producing, the posts calling for recruitment are still not “hot”. Not to mention the gameplay of Chaos The Three Kingdoms, just in a series of activities to compete and win territory, the game is enough to satisfy many “old men” who love tactics. If you step into servers with high competition like S1, S3, you will easily realize that many familiar names of this series are “drying blood” racing Top …


The perfect “dock” for players of the “plow” system

With a well-thought-out gameplay platform, Vip leveling mechanism to pamper the “plowers” to the fullest and of course, nostalgic graphics but with a very unique beauty… Chaos The Three Kingdoms is indeed a suitable landing place for The “plowers” are still looking for a new experience.

Tactical masterpiece Three Kingdoms has officially been released, breaking the game market or this year’s Tet season. Download the game now at: https://ldtq.onelink.me/Co38/PRLoanThe

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