Uncover the secret behind the map Thien Co Maze by Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile

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In addition, Dat Ma Dong and Vo Huan Lenh are also two activities that receive a lot of attention and participation from Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile players.VLTK Mobile) in the new version Duong Danh Tu Hai.

Don’t be in a hurry at the Maze of Heaven

This team PvE activity is designed similar to Quyet Chien Lang Tuyet Phong. The Maze Maze map includes Secret Scene rooms with 3 levels: Nightmare, Haunting and Hell. In particular, the appearance of the Random Events room with the mysterious question mark symbol stimulates the curiosity of gamers.

Random Events add mystery to the Mystery of the Maze

The happenings at the Random Event directly affect the path taken when challenging the next Secret Scene rooms. As the name suggests, players can’t predict what awaits in this room. It can be a beneficial event that helps increase combat power or, conversely, “flies” quite a bit of the team’s stats.

Each team needs to devise a reasonable strategy to overcome as many stages as possible

A tip for those participating in the Maze is to start the battle from the Nightmare room, located near “?” to quickly solve these two stages. Then, based on the results in the Random room, if you receive a good event, then go ahead in the more difficult battlefield. For the opposite case, choose a safe step with a moderately difficult stage to preserve health.

Note, choosing an overwhelming offensive formation or arranging members of the support faction to participate in the battle have a significant impact on the process of passing. This combination is based on the experience and flexible tactics of each team.

Revival flag saves travel time at Dat Ma Dong

Shen Du Command and SSSS companion Dat Ma is a good name VLTK Mobile community The most desirable property at Dat Ma Dong. If the God of Command helps to break through the Legendary Army into the Mythical Rank, then Dat Ma attracts players with its superior strength and comprehensive defense support. With the skill of protecting the Asura of the God of Hell, this SSSS companion helps the owner to increase – eliminate the End Damage, base Attack rate and Ignore all resistance.

PvP inter-server guild Dat Ma Dong is challenging player skills

However, before killing the Boss and getting the treasure, the Resurrection Flag on the 2nd floor is the stronghold that the guild needs to pay attention to. Winning this item helps the member respawn right at the Flag position that the clan occupies to quickly focus together to continue hunting the Boss. If there is no Flag, the member will respawn on the 1st floor and it takes a certain time to reach the gathering point.

Winning the Resurrection Flag saves time on gathering

Opportunity to collect many valuable items at Vo Huan Lenh

This is a personal activity that has just appeared at VLTK Mobile, so it is still quite new to players. Gamers only need to participate in designated weekly activities to add Vo Huan points, the accumulated points reach any level, the character will receive the corresponding reward.​

The first batch of Vo Huan Lenh is expected to last from March 9 to May 3, 2020

In particular, when Vo Huan Lenh reaches level 30, the player who activates Vo Lam So Kieu Lenh will receive a Silver Chest of Ti Lo Luu Sa that has the effect of dyeing the shirt and head of the costume of the same name.
Reaching level 31, the player who activates Dang Phong Create Extreme Command will collect all 3 pieces to combine into a chest to choose a level 5 Soul Stone. Next, use this Chest to get yourself a Soul Stone of the same tier of your choice. In particular, the collected Chest pieces can be donated, so it is completely easy for good friends to help each other increase their chances of owning many precious Soul Stones.

Vo Huan Lenh’s score sharing article received attention at a community group meeting

After successfully activating the above two Commands and reaching level 40, the highest level of Vo Huan Lenh, players will receive thousands of other valuable items such as: True Qi Points, Origin Qi, Dedication … or Silver Chest of Great Flower Color, Theme of Snow River Outerwear Collection, character painting of Co Mong.

Some attractive gifts at Vo Huan Lenh

Through this new feature system, it not only helps VLTK Mobile gamers improve their experience, but also gives them the opportunity to test the special moves of two cult characters: the Duong Mon sect and the newly released Thien Nhan male phenotype. eyes.​

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