Excited about defeating a pro gamer, Apex Legends hacker was overwhelmed by other hackers

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Launched in early 2019, Apex Legends quickly became a hit with unique gameplay that combined smoothly Battle Royale and MOBAs. However, like many other games, Apex Legends also faces problems hack/cheat and unfortunately, though Respawn Entertainment tried to minimize this situation, but it seems to be ineffective.​


Mendo is one pro gamer currently playing for Team Liquid, he often livestreams playing Apex Legends. Recently, after entering the top 10 of Diamond-elo ranking matches, male streamer was attacked by a hacker and forced to leave the game. Although at this point, streamers are more disappointed than surprised to see the hacker, but being defeated by the dirty players is still both sad and angry.​


While having to sit on the sidelines to watch the match, an unexpected turning point happened, the male streamer discovered the appearance of another team, the interesting point is that this is also a team of hackers. Without a moment’s hesitation, the 2 teams gathered hacker/cheater There was a fierce battle. Player controls Pathfinderwho had defeated Mendo earlier, was also quickly shot down after many futile attempts, leaving him alone. Gibraltar clean up the situation. The new hacker group seems to have better teamwork than the guys who killed Mendo, so they won the fight.

It is true that he hit his back with his stick, although he did not want to see the hackers/cheaters appear in the game, but surely the viewers also felt a little gloating when the hackers were painfully defeated according to what they did. with other people. After the incident, the developer certainly noticed and will issue a ban on these two teams. However, that is not enough to limit the cheating situation in Apex Legends, there are still many similar cases out there that are missed and the hackers / cheaters are still raging.

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