Tru Tien 3D – For her lover to play games, the girl is ready to bring her love from life into the game

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The fact has shown that there are countless funny stories that happen to gamers when the game and the girlfriend are two battle lines. It’s not even rare for gamers to be bluntly “kicked” by their girlfriends just because of their crime of being too busy playing. Therefore, perhaps falling in love with a gamer girl is definitely or was once the ideal role model for boys who are game followers.

However, not always “that person” and the game are on two “uncommon sides”. Because as you know, the gaming community is not only full of men, but also has a lot of female gamers. Even among them, there are many “lovers” of the guys, because their lover is passionate about games, so they also risk themselves to venture into the virtual world to be able to understand and share with his hobby.

For the one who loves to play games – Maybe she is the ideal girl that every gamer dreams of.

And the guy mentioned by his girlfriend in the share below in the group Tru Tien 3D Mobile What a lucky person to have found such a wonderful other half. From a girl who never knew what playing a game was, but because of her lover, this girl started babbling to practice playing and ready to bring her current love from real life into the game, into the game. Tru Tien 3D.


“There are people who say that I am afraid of losing my lover, so I enter the game. That’s right, when you’re in love, no one is not afraid of losing. From a girl who has never touched a game and then babbled playing games because she saw her lover play, but really didn’t understand the game. Because of you, I can do everything. He was with me in my most difficult times, when it seemed that the two of us could not continue, but he said no matter what, I don’t mind listening to others. I don’t promise but watch me do. Our story no one can understand, a love that has too many barriers, but that’s okay, because love we accept all. I will bring this love story from real life to the game, from the game to real life.”


Many people expressed their admiration for the love of this young couple. This can be considered as one of the great ways to keep the love of both of you close and strong. But maybe not everyone has this luck.

The happy images of the couple in real life

That’s it, besides a lot of boys and girls complaining about their other half playing games but no longer seem to love and care about themselves, there are many couples who are gamers. It is not because of playing games that they find each other, but just because the person they love has this passion, so they learn to get used to their hobby. Since then, they understand each other more and know how to share with each other more. Hopefully, Emergenceingame.Com gamers will also be lucky to find their own half to be able to share joy and interests with each other!

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