Attack on Titan official Mobile version suddenly revealed

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As a rule of thumb, any name that becomes famous in the Manga – Anime village will also have its own virtual world versions. The words One Piece, Naruto for legend 7 Dragon Ballsgamers have had for themselves countless super products on many different systems. Attack on Titan It is no exception when it has begun to encroach on video games with its sequels on PC/Console.

But now Mobile will also join this ranks when Attack on Titan has officially revealed the mobile version developed by the giants. Tencent. The official name is Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heartthe game will let players relive the great memories of the first season of the Anime.


Gamers will play the role of a completely new character belonging to the 104th Training Corp force, side by side with famous characters of Attack on Titan such as Eren, Mikasa or Armin. Of course, this is not a normal Casual title, but instead will let gamers face directly with giant Titan monsters. The game will have a QTE system, which requires players to perform precise actions on the screen to create high-damage combos.


Because it is the official version with official development rights, Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart will be voiced with the anime’s cast. This will be great news for fans because now the game can accurately convey the “soul” of the movie, allowing players to relive the best memories with Attack on Titan.


According to the latest information Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart will be available first in a few Asian markets while the Global version is yet to be confirmed. When the game is officially launched, Emergenceingame.Com will update the download link for readers as soon as possible.​

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