Trot revealed the images of Borderlands 3, the male gamer “flies” the whole Youtube channel

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Earlier this month, the Borderlands3 community was in an uproar after Youtuber Matt “SupMatto” Somers posted on the channel Youtube My leaked images of the new version of the house Borderlands. Immediately Take – Two and reported this Youtuber’s channel for copyright infringement and sent 2 investigators to this Youtuber’s house.​


This angered the gaming community because in fact the images Somers used were publicly available on ECHOcast. Take – Two’s side asserted that they investigated Somers for breaking policies and “illegal” activities. This led to debate on social media about Somers’ innocence, with the hashtag #BoycottBorderlands3 appearing all over Twitter.​


Eurogamer contacted 2K Games to find out more about the incident, but only received the same statement as before that its actions were the result of 10 months of investigation and realized this Youtuber was breaking the policies of the company. books, infringing copyright and disclosing confidential information about the game for profit.


Currently, Somers’ Youtube channel has completely disappeared and the reason is probably because of Take-Two’s copyright infringement. According to Youtube’s policy, if within 90 days, a video is continuously reported for copyright infringement three times, that Youtube channel will automatically disappear, so the online community all think this is due to the effect. of the above terms. Somers also shared that he will stop using some social media until September and it seems the YouTuber has completely lost his enthusiasm to create Borderlands related content.​

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