Top Useful Tips for Hay Day Players – Part 1

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Hay Day is currently the most popular farm game on mobile devices, but no one can deny this is a very time consuming game. It takes many hours a day to fulfill the role of a true farmer – visit Hay Day every day to plant, upgrade your equipment and take care of your farm … Of course, the “small but martial” Hay Day tips that introduces right below will help you to be a good farmer without spending as much time as the normal way of playing!

Tips to play Hay Day

Hay Day updated version quite often with the appearance of many new content such as crops, livestock, construction … of course, indispensable packages of premium options like any Farm game for free! Instead of spending your own money to buy these expensive IAPs, you can absolutely use tips and tricks to level up and expand your farm even more spectacular.

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Tricks for new Hay Day players:

When you start the game, focus on growing a variety of crops like corn and wheat. Note follow the instructions given by the game.

Accumulate experience points and earn money

When you first start playing Hay Day, you need to focus on experience points first. The goal is to move quickly to level 7 to gain access to the Roadside Shop. Completing orders for trucks also gives you more experience points and extra gold.

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Roadside stalls

This is the key to making money in Hay Day. Here, you can sell items to other players at a much higher price than the usual way. Get a 25% discount on any order to get it sold faster within hours.

Balance crops and production

Always ensure there is a crop waiting to be harvested so that there is no shortage of raw materials for commodity production. The general rule is to intercrop crops of all kinds, 2 plots of soil for each type.

But if you run out of raw materials, you can completely protect against fire by buying at a friend’s store.

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Don’t forget Tom, the delivery man

Tom character is unlocked at level 14 and is extremely useful when you need to add crops to the production process. The boy can earn you more crops when needed at a reasonable price for fish. You can use Tom every 2 hours.

Watch promotional trailers

Occasionally, you can watch the promotional trailer located in the mailbox in front of the gate to earn 1 extra diamond.

Diamond sword

You will receive diamonds when completing Hay Day’s achievements, in the treasure chest you see every day can also have diamonds.

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Find the farm toolbox of a friend, helper, or follower:

If the box you find is closed: tap on the screen but don’t press the X button. You need to find a similar toolbox on your friend’s farm. Once you find the unlocked toolbox, you can use all of the tools in the box. They will make it easier to manage and take care of your farm.

Don’t sell to customers unless you’re in need of gold:

Do not sell to customers who visit the farm because they will not pay a high price for your goods. Unless you really need money, sell at a roadside stalls for high profits.

You can also sell scraps to friends and followers. For the ideal price check out the daily newspaper. Note, if you want to sell fast, you should discount 10% from the highest price in the newspaper.

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In case you do not have enough stock to sell, please remove the order in the trash and wait a while for the new order to be more suitable. Your order will show the number of experience points and gold you receive.

Do not use up the seeds:

Every season in Hay DayYou plant will double the yield after harvest, meaning that one unit of corn seed after planting will produce 2 units of corn seed in your silo. But it is not for that reason that you have used up all the seeds in the silo to plant all your plots. Note that only limited seed is used and kept in certain quantities to create ingredients for on-farm production. If you use up, you only have to use diamonds to buy more seeds.

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Especially, when the farm is expanding and developing, you need to provide a stable amount of feed for livestock and poultry. The bottom line is to secure a supply of wheat, corn, soybeans and other feed in the silo at all times.

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Calculate reasonable planting time:

Some plants grown in Game Hay Day It only takes a few minutes to harvest like wheat, corn and carrots. These types take less than 10 minutes to grow and reach harvest. In contrast, some varieties such as pumpkins or indigo take several hours to harvest. Should plant these plants before going to bed or when you are about to do other work, after a certain amount of time back in Hay Day, you can harvest immediately without waiting. The same rule applies to livestock production or other commodity production.

Don’t be annoyed with visitors to the farm:

Visitors come to your farm because they want to buy a commodity, but they usually don’t pay a premium for the product. Don’t be afraid to refuse these requests. They won’t react even if you refuse to sell them.

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Of course, when your goods are abundant, or they want to buy popular goods (easy to produce, fast harvest time …) then sell them, such as eggs or wheat. .

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Have fun playing HayDay game!

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