Tips to get high scores in chicken shooting game Chicken Invaders

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You love chicken shooting game Chicken Invaders but rarely achieve high scores and have never “cleared” games? Here are some tips to help you get a high score in any version of this series of fun chicken shooting games.

1. Good flight control practice:

After download game Chicken Invaders On the computer, the first thing is to enter the game and practice flight control skillfully. Try to “steer” the fighter skillfully, so that you can swing horizontally, vertically and diagonally in small spaces, followed by larger arcs. Do not let the mouse go beyond the range of the screen, then it will no longer be controlled.

Chicken Invaders
Practice masterful controls to squeeze through small spaces

2. Shoot quickly

Chicken legions in the game will appear more and more every time, so you have to focus on shooting quickly. The hens lay eggs when stopped, so shoot as soon as they appear. When it stops, choose a safe place to shoot and destroy.

3. Do not “be gluttonous”:

An interesting point of the game Chicken Invaders is that when destroying the chickens, it will drop the chicken thighs or the whole roast chicken looks “delicious”. “Eat” drumsticks and roast chicken will get you rockets in your arsenal of ammunition arsenal. However, you should not be greedy and only worry about eating chicken drumsticks because then you can easily bump the egg and explode. You eat 4 times of bullets to have a powerful weapon, and if you lose your life, you will return to the original ammunition. So remember that it is extremely important to preserve your network.

Chicken Invaders
Do not be engrossed in eating chicken thighs that “stick” chicken eggs bullet to the head

4. Focus on defense:

The evil chickens will constantly dive towards you in different directions and formations that you can not predict. So do not just be engrossed in shooting and shooting, but pay attention to the surrounding directions to avoid being attacked by them.

5. Move within safe range:

Continuously move the spacecraft within a safe range. You choose for yourself a range that is considered safe so that you can control 100% of the path and trajectory of the spacecraft. In the game, the “Danger zone“- red danger zones, and the”Safe zone“are green safe zones. Stay away from the red circles if you don’t want to lose your life unjustly.

Chicken invaders
Even weak bullets keep calm to fight against the enemy

6. Keep calm:

Sometimes when playing at a high level, or fighting a boss where you lose your life and weakened ammo, the battle will become more difficult. At such times, do not be embarrassed, but keep calm, slow down, focus on dodging bullets, eggs and chickens. Gradually ammo will appear for you to collect.

7. Learn the rules of the boss:

When meeting the bosses in Chicken Invaders, do not be too impatient to destroy it. Most of the bosses in the chicken shooting game series attack according to their own rules. First, you define the rules of its operation, see what kind of attack it attacks, and then stop attacking. The moment it stops, you shoot continuously and when the boss is about to attack, you go back to defend. If you rush to destroy the boss, you will easily lose life and then your ammunition is very weak, it is difficult to win it. “Slow but sure” is the motto when fighting bosses in Chicken Invaders.

Hope the above suggestions will be useful to you. Have fun playing Chicken Invaders and get the highest score possible!

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