Top strongest mid lane champion in League of Legends 9.16

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League of Legends patch 9.16 brings significant changes to the mid laners that are being left out of the current meta. These changes are powerful enough to push that champion back into place with hopefully better, even more meta diversification than now.

Mid lane, also known as mid lane in League of Legends, is an important position, mid laner requires skill and flexibility, quick reflexes in all situations. The most important thing is to have strong and effective skills when standing in this position.

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Mid Lane – The important position in every MOBA game

5 strongest mid lane champions in League of Legends 9.16

1. Fizz
Fizz has created massive effects in the current meta and is a strong pick for mid laner right now. His aiming ability mixed with his insane amount of mobility makes him a fearsome assassin. With his skill set, Fizz is not afraid of any opponent in the mid lane even when facing mage or assassin champions.

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2. Zed
Zed is still a very strong pick for Mid Lane in SoloQ right now. He has the strength and mobility to enter fights, as well as late matches. Although Zed is a short-handed, melee champion, his laning ability is extremely perfect with skills to pull the enemy’s health or use skills to farm monsters.

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3. LeBlanc
LeBlanc has increased damage straight to her Q and we all know how dangerous she can be with damage if standing behind. This change is coming back after a series of nerfs, so in this patch of League of Legends 9.16 LeBlanc continues to come back and get stronger in the current meta. She’s hard to beat by jungler ganks if it’s not for her crowd control skills.

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4. Ekko
Ekko also received changes in this update. His E damage has been slightly increased by Riot, but the more interesting change is that his cooldown has been reduced at subsequent levels like 2 and 3. This gives Spells that deal tons of damage, more without being punished by aggressive play, and can let Ekko move back to safety.

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5. Syndra
Syndra has been missing for quite some time in League of Legends, but her damage changes seem drastic. Hoping to allow Syndra to control the mid lane like she did before. Most of the changes in the recent LoL version help Syndra increase base damage and become a dark queen in the next update.

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Above is a list of the strongest mid laners in League of Legends 9.16, if you are a jungler and occasionally jump out to gank someone, you cannot ignore Top. League of Legends jungle champion 9.16 Our strongest, list of characters capable of finishing opponents in the blink of an eye.

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