Top strongest generals in each position League of Legends 9.15

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League of Legends is often divided into 5 positions very clearly and in patch 9.15 which champions are the strongest for each position. Let’s find out with this article the top strongest generals in each position of League of Legends 9.15 to be able to make the most optimal champion picks, suitable for your play style.

The 5 positions in League of Legends include top, mid, bot, jungle, and support. Each position will have its own characteristics and will be suitable for very specific champions to be able to bring out the full potential of that champion. Let’s come to the top strongest generals in each position of League of Legends 9.15.

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Top strongest generals in each position League of Legends 9.15

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1.Top Lane – Kled

Kled is a very good initiator of combat thanks to his good resistance and skill set that deals damage to % health, Kled often builds a wall for his teammates to go around behind the enemy squad to sweep, then Kled will continue to close. The role of cleaning up the end thanks to the ability to chase extremely well. Kled is not afraid of confrontation, so he often fits the top laner role very well. In version 9.15, Kled was added to the skill set, the ability to deal deep damage, besides this is the only champion in League of Legends who cannot be shocked to death.

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2. Forest – Nunu and Willump

With the ability to enhance damage, attack speed for himself and his teammates thanks to his passive, Willpump has the ability to jungling very quickly. As soon as they have consumed all the forest resources on their side, Nunu and Willump will suddenly raid your forest to steal all the resources on that side while the enemy jungler can’t react. Nunu and Willump also play the role of ganking support, attacking the enemy very well with the ability to control and deal effective damage in teamfights.

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3. Mid Lane – Fizz

Mid lane assassin is the top meta at the moment, Fizz is a top pick assassin after being fixed on his passive to increase his resistance, hard to kill, and able to overwhelm. Enemy champions go mid lane. Fizz can deal massive amounts of damage to finish off enemy champions in a single note and quickly leave the scene thanks to the mobility of his Q and E. This champion can quickly roam to assist ganking or go capture. odd then quickly maneuvered back to mid lane.

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4. Bottom Lane – Jhin

Despite possessing potential weaknesses, but if you are a professional player who has mastered Jhin to be able to limit the disadvantages, this is the strongest champion in the position of bot lane. Jhin is very good at farming minions, and his ability to edge the enemy and temporarily control causes great discomfort. The artistic trap skill gives Jhin the ability to run away, protect himself, and keep his feet. The large range also brings an advantage and if Jhin is protected with a green farm, he will become a very formidable champion in the late game thanks to his ability to put huge damage.

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5. Support – Pyke

Pyke is a very special support general for teammates in general and especially for Jhin in particular. This is a support champion with the ability to create big mutations and do not underestimate him because he plays a pure support role, Pyke has a strong ability to finish targets and the ability to make money from his ultimate makes Pyke a hot pick in the game. 9.15. Pyke is the initiator of the odd catch phase, causing maximum control effect on the enemy. Pyke is extremely useful in helping ADCs like Jhin farm quickly, is an effective card in teamfights, and has a skill set that can kill many enemies as quickly as a pure assassin general.

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Above are the top 5 generals corresponding to 5 positions in the top strongest generals each position of League of Legends 9.15. In addition, in each position there are many other effective options that you need to find out and discover for yourself, because League of Legends is a MOBA game with a constantly changing meta, so don’t be too rigid in using champions. . In addition, you can refer to Mid laner climbs League of Legends 9.15 very strong here.

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