Top popular Donate portals and how to donate Stream

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There are many popular donation portals for Streamers today, donate Stream is a fairly popular form of gift giving by young people today to someone through a voluntary form, a way to give gifts without having to meet in person. direct.

There are many portals on the market Donate different, they are toll channels and recipients Donate can only receive 80 – 90% value given by the viewer. Here are the Top popular Donate portals trusted and used by many streamers.

Top donation forms and ways to donate stream

Ways to make money through the Donate portal

Top most popular Donate portals today

Donate is one of the forms of support or donation for a certain individual or group. There are many popular forms of Donate in use today, such as giving stars on Facebook, giving in kind through Donate portals…. each website has a different form of Donate.

1. is one of the Donate portals used by many streamers, gamers, and youtubers today, simply because they were developed by the famous streamer Viruss. Not only that, regularly has free support services and until now, this is still the best development place for streamers.

2. Streamlabs
Streamlabs is the world’s first e-tips app with its main source of income coming from Twitch. To activate and receive Donate funds directly from Twitch, users need to make connections from the digital exchange and Coinbase wallet. In particular, Streamlabs also accepts Bitcoin if you Tips for streamer 🙂

Have you heard of If you’re a streamer, it’s probably not strange, this is the place to connect gamers of all game genres, from League of Legends, to League of Legends, to PUBG, ROS… Meet streams in all fields, chat or play games, don’t forget to Donate them.

Streamer donation guide

There are many ways for viewers to Donate for Streamer today, you can use Donate through a link pinned right below the Video, use a phone card to load directly and Donate, or transfer. Each support website will have a different form of Donate, and the recipient will only get 80 – 90% of the amount you Donate. Here Taimienphi will guide you to Donate on

Step 1: First you need to visit the official website of here and then proceed to login your account.

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Step 2: Select the Streamer that you want to do the Donate job.

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Step 3: Next, click on the word Donate that appears in the upper right corner (as shown in our image below).

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Step 4: Enter the amount you want to Donate, display name, note and click Donate.

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As mentioned above, Donate has many different forms and if you are an AOE Empire player, you have certainly seen a Donate star Chimsedinang (items and gifts here are counted in stars but still converted to money). Okay). If you care, admire, admire, give love to someone and want to give gifts, please Donate them, they will surely receive your meaningful gifts.

Currently, most gamers are streaming games on Facebook, if you don’t know how to live stream videos on Facebook, you can refer to the method below. Live Stream Facebook here.
Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency on the market today, they are not controlled by anyone, or any entity. If you don’t know Bitcoin what ? then please refer to Taimienphi’s article. All information about this virtual currency unit is provided by us here.

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