Top pet games worth playing

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Pet games on mobile phones all have relatively simple gameplay but are capable of attracting millions of players worldwide, especially female gamers or those who love animals but do not conditions to own or take care of pets.

There are many people who wish to own a pet, but for many reasons, you cannot keep them. Understanding that, publishers have released many titles pet game attractive, helping players to satisfy their wishes right on the phone.

Top games that are currently playing the most

Top pet game on phone

Without making you wait any longer, scroll down and check it out Top 5 pet games worth playing that Taimienphi has collected and synthesized!

Top pet games worth playing on phones

1. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom 2 is the leading game in the list of attractive pet games and has the largest number of users today. Following the success of the first version, recently the publisher Outfit 7 has continued to launch the equally attractive game My Talking Tom 2.

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In the game, the player will raise a cat named Tom. You will need to feed, bathe, dress, and play with Tom cat every day. When you take good care, this cat’s happy, clean, … indicators will always be full, it will become more and more intelligent and obedient.

– Download My Talking Tom 2 for iPhone
– Download My Talking Tom 2 for Android

2. My Tamagotchi Forever

With title Pet game My Tamagotchi Forever , the player will be transported to another world, inhabited by the petite and adorable Tamagotchi. You will choose your favorite pet then take care of and raise it.

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In addition to daily feeding, bathing and playing activities, the game also designs mini-games to add new experiences. Winning mini games, players will receive rewards such as experience to level up, money to buy or unlock items or unlock special features in the game.

– Download My Tamagotchi Forever for iPhone
– Download My Tamagotchi Forever for Android

3. My Virtual Pet Shop

Unlike the 2 games that Taimienphi has just introduced, in My Virtual Pet Shop Players will not only take care of 1 pet but many different pets. Play as the owner of a pet shop, your daily job is to take care of the pets that customers bring, earn money to upgrade and expand the store.

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With every interaction with your pet, it affects their happiness quotient. The higher this index, the more you will be appreciated by the system and awarded with many attractive rewards.

– Download My Virtual Pet Shop for iPhone
– Download My Virtual Pet Shop for Android

4. Dog Town

True to its name, Dog Town is a great pet game for dog lovers. In the game, you will collect rare and lovely dogs like Pomeranian, Doberman, Siberian Husky, Chihuahua, Corgi,… and train them.

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Each dog in Dog Town has its own personality, players need to really pay attention and take care of them like real pets to keep them healthy and happy. The game also has its own quest system to help you increase your bond with your pets and receive more interesting rewards.

– Download Dog Town for iPhone
– Download Dog Town for Android

5. My Tiny Pet

Similar to My Tamagotchi Foreve, the pet game My Tiny Pet is also loved by many female users because of its cute and simple 2D graphics. The pets in the game are designed with fat bodies, big eyes and bright colors that bring a friendly and attractive feeling at first sight.

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Like other pet games, the gameplay of My Tiny Pet is relatively simple, every day you just need to feed, lull and play with your pet’s edge.

– Download My Tiny Pet for Android
With the pet games that Taimienphi has just introduced are relatively light, and have simple gameplay suitable for novices. Hopefully, after consulting the list, whether you are a dog or cat lover or another animal, you can find yourself a suitable game. Besides pet game, you can also play Animal hunting game Best on your iPhone or Android phone.

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