Top most used characters in Garena Free Fire

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Strategy in Garena Free Fire is really important, choosing the right character for yourself is always very important in survival. And if you don’t know it, Taimienphi will guide you, each Garena Free Fire character has a different special skill that will help you win the game.

Some Garena Free Fire characters may be more useful to others, but you must know which skills suit you best, you can use them proficiently and achieve victory, that’s all that matters. .

Top users with the most use of space in garena free fire

The most used character in Free Fire

Top most used characters in Garena Free Fire

1. Andrew

This experienced former cop Andrew will be of great help to you if you are playing in Solo mode, which is shown through his level up. Every time Andrew levels up, the vest’s ability to block will be slightly increased, helping this character reduce the damage inflicted by the opponent.

2. Ford

Retired marine soldier, has a very strange ability, but if you know how to use it, it will help you destroy more opponents outside the circle. Ford’s ability is to reduce the amount of damage you take when you get out of the safe zone, how many times have you seen the opponent run like crazy because the circle is narrow? This is the time when you use his great skills, take a close look and shoot.

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3. Nikita

Don’t be fooled by this beautiful character, Nikita is a professional bodyguard, a machine gun expert with the ability to reload submachine guns faster than other characters. With her ability, you can fight your opponents and gain the advantage in terms of speed, take advantage of agility, take the opportunity to destroy them.

4. Olivia

This character is perfect for teamfights, as Olivia can quickly revive her teammates, thanks to her abilities Olivia, a field nurse, and her primary skills. It is to revive teammates, when standing up they have an additional amount of health. If you like a supporting role, then Olivia is the logical choice.

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5. Kelly

In Garena Free Fire you will never be allowed to stop moving, and if you can move faster than your opponent that’s really good, you get this ability thanks to using Kelly. A character that most gamers when playing Garena Free Fire prefer to choose. Kelly has a fairly fast running speed and increases with level, an advantage in looting.

Above is a list of the most used characters in Garena Free Fire, voted by gamers. And you, what do you think about Taimienphi’s list. Please comment in the comment section below which champion you think is the best, for everyone to refer to.

Currently in Garena Free Fire, there are 18 character classes, each with their own special abilities. List of characters in Garena Free Fire will give you full interesting information about each of those character classes, their special abilities according to each growth level.

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