Top most realistic construction simulation game

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Construction simulation games often have a relatively simple gameplay, gamers exploit available resources, build themselves a safe haven to survive against apocalyptic monsters or create and build manage a crowded city with hundreds of large and small projects with different functions.

Besides the current popular role-playing or fighting games, the construction simulation game series is also loved by many people, in the construction game genre, each publisher develops different ideas, create attractive diverse products.

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Top realistic construction simulation games

If you have not found a construction game that suits your interests, Taimienphi will offer the 5 most realistic construction simulation games today, please refer.

Top most realistic construction simulation game

1. Megapolis

If I had to list the oldest construction simulation games, Megapolis would definitely be on the list in the top positions. The game uses beautiful graphics combined with unique gameplay that requires gamers to take into account market and economic fluctuations.

mobile phone grinding game

City building game on the phone

Joining the game, you will immediately feel overwhelmed by the construction items that you can build. Every time it grows to a certain level, Megapolis unlocks new architectures with properties, bringing more benefits. Players can choose many development directions by themselves, build a research base to become a scientific city or focus on exploiting resources to become an industrial center.

– Download Megapolis for iPhone
– Download Megapolis for Android

If you do not know how to play Megapolis, please refer to the article below:

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2. SimCity BuildIt

The SimCity series of games has long been famous around the world with its computer versions and now it continues to conquer players with the mobile version. SimCity BuildIt is a construction simulation game that invests a lot in visuals, every little detail is carefully designed, bringing the most realistic feeling.

game development

City development game

The main task of the player in SimCity BuildIt is of course to build a beautiful city, attracting many other residents to stay. When the population is increasing, you need to continue to expand the city, build more or upgrade essential facilities such as hospitals, schools, factories, …

– Download SimCity BuildIt for iPhone
– Download SimCity BuildIt for Android

3. Minecraft

Another legendary building simulation game that you can install on your phone is Minecraft. Similar to the version on the computer, Minecraft for phones still retains the unique blocky graphics and flexible and creative gameplay.

game grind Dung Sinh ton

Survival building game

Minecraft perfectly combines construction and survival elements into the game. From empty hands, you exploit the resources around and create everything necessary to survive and protect yourself from dangers. Minecraft for phones is also linked to the computer version, you play without interruption wherever you are and on any device.

– Download Minecraft for iPhone
– Download Minecraft for Android

4. Portal Knights

Different from the construction simulation games that Taimienphi has just introduced, Portal Knights is a combination of many different game genres. Set in medieval times, you will direct your heroes on thrilling adventures, build a base on an island or manage the people within.

knife grinding game

Island building game

With chibi cartoon style graphics combined with Minecraft square details, Portal Knights will give you an experience that is both familiar and equally interesting. In addition, another plus point of the game is that the publisher regularly organizes random events, making it easy for players to collect rare and necessary items.

– Download Portal Knights for iPhone
– Download Portal Knights for Android

5. Fallout Shelter

Also a construction simulation game, Fallout Shelter is especially attractive to players because it is set in a world standing on the verge of destruction. Instead of designing buildings on the ground, now your task is to build an underground base for humanity underground.

The game can

Doomsday base building game

At the beginning of the game, the player had to manage a small group of people and began to build bunkers to produce basic resources such as electricity, water, and food. The interesting thing about the game is that you have to arrange related basements in close proximity to each other to form the most productive combination. At the same time you also need to maintain the happiness level of the people to be able to develop in the long run.

– Download Fallout Shelter for iPhone
– Download Fallout Shelter for Android

Hopefully, with 5 realistic construction simulation games that Taimienphi has just introduced to you can help you feel comfortable and happy during your time. To learn more about other titles or game genres on phones and computers, please read in the next articles at Taimienphi!

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