TOP hardest mobs to find in Minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft there are many variations. Some mobs also have a rare special effect. Here are Top 5 rarest creatures in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a large open world game with many different types of mobs. Out of a total of 70 mobs, some are specific to biomes, chunks, even spawning during certain events or generated structures.

In this article, let’s list rarest mobs in Minecraft. Mob Jockey will not be counted here because they are a combination of 2 existing mobs.

  • first

    Charged Creeper – Electric Creeper

    Electric Creeper in Minecraft

    The Charged Creeper is an elusive mob that needs to be interacted with in a special way in order for it to appear. Overall, it’s like a creeper “bomb” triggered by lightning. This rarely happens without player support.

    To create a Charged Creeper, you need to hit the Creeper with a trident with lightning during a storm. This way, a flash of lightning will make it an electric version of Creeper. An explosion caused by an electric creeper is 2 times more powerful than an explosion caused by a normal creeper. This is the reason why Charged Creeper becomes the most dangerous enemy in Minecraft.

  • Brown Bear in Minecraft

    Bears in Minecraft have 2 genes that determine their appearance and behavior when spawning. Each group will create a different panda, in which the brown gene is the weakest, the chance for the brown panda to appear is only 1/64.

    Why is it so rare? Because it takes a combination of both brown genes to produce this color panda.

  • Killer Rabbit in Minecraft

    The Killer Rabbit (formerly known as Caerbannog’s killer rabbit, related to Monty Python and the Holy Grail) is a rare mob that was added to the game as part of the Minecraft 1.8 update. The killer rabbit is the enemy of the player, the wolf and the fox. This rabbit has white fur and red horizontal eyes, very different from the upright eyes of normal rabbits.

    You can only spawn the killer rabbit with the command “/summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}” because it has been removed from the Minecraft spawn list.

  • Brown Mooshroom Beef

    Mooshroom is a cow variant with a body covered with mushrooms, only available in rare mushroom fields. There are two variations of Mooshroom, red and brown. Brown Mooshroom cows have never appeared in the wild.

    You need to use an enchanted trident with lightning during a storm in order for lightning to hit the bull. Once there, the red version will turn into blue and more. You can create more brown versions by crossing red and brown cows.

    Recipe for making special mushroom soup in Minecraft

    To make a special mushroom soup from Mooshroom cows, players need to feed it with their favorite flower. Then it will give you a special stewed soup from that little flower. Next time, the cow’s milk will be poured into the bowl.

  • Pink Sheep in Minecraft

    4 out of 5 sheep are white, with only an 81.836% chance of spawning. The black, gray, and light gray variants each have a 5% chance of spawning or a 15 chance of spawning together. Brown sheep are quite rare, with only a 3% chance of spawning. However, pink sheep are even rarer, with only a 0.164% chance of spawning naturally.

    5% of all sheep spawn as young. This means pink lambs are even rarer, with only a 0.0082% chance of spawning. So to get them, you have to rely on luck.

  • Above is the hardest Minecraft mobs to find. Still Animal Minecraft mobs which is hard to find in Minecraft anymore? If you know, please share with with everyone!

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