TOP hardest achievements in GTA 5

Most achievements in GTA 5 are not easy to conquer. So what is the most difficult challenge to achieve when playing? GTA 5, let’s find out with!

Achievements are the stages in GTA 5 that the player needs to complete to win the game. 77 of them will take you quite a while to unlock everything. Here are the the most difficult and time consuming achievement in GTA 5.

  • Show Off mission in GTA 5

    This achievement in GTA 5 forces the player to find 50 ramps in the city of Los Santos and make risky jumps there. Finding them is not easy. You definitely need a guide to save time. However, even with instructions, there are some steps that are extremely difficult to follow.

    If the required speed is reached and the landing is safe, the jump may still not count. You even need more instructions on how to do them. Some of them may disappoint you.

  • Numero Uno in GTA 5

    This achievement requires the player to reach 1st place in all online competitive game modes. To achieve it, you need to depend on others. It’s annoying isn’t it? The best way to get Numero Uno is to gather a group of friends and take turns winning until everyone has Numero Uno.

  • Solid Gold, Baby!  in GTA 5

    The missions in GTA 5 include some additional side objectives to complete. You will get gold, silver or bronze medals based on achievements. Gold medal means you have successfully completed the task. Achievements Solid, Gold, Baby! asks you to win 70 gold medals from all missions in GTA 5.

    You will have to seriously perform the task in the game. The hardest part here is avoiding injury and getting the job done in a certain amount of time. You will definitely have to try again a few times.

  • Elitist in GTA 5

    This is a gold medal challenge version but for GTA Online content. The Elitist achievement task you with defeating 3 high-level challenges in Doomsday Heist. These missions span across 3 heist missions.

    Unlocking some of them is quite difficult and has the same restriction on the gold medal quest. It’s not a bad idea to try again and again, but here you are playing with other people. Not all of them want to be with you forever.

  • Masterminds in GTA 5

    The Masterminds achievement is the next level Elitist. This is the hardest challenge in GTA 5. To have it, you and your teammates need to work hard to complete all the actions in the Doomsday Heist mission, not a second should be wasted. Act 1 and act 2 of this robbery are the two most difficult parts.

  • Above is top hardest achievements in GTA 5. What do you think about them? Please share with readers other things you know about achievements in the game Grand Theft Auto 5!

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